Intimate Distorsions and Other Pop Culture Hacks by Aline Maggy Decat


“Have you ever had a feeling that you remembered a dream until you really thought about and realized you had forgotten it all?” asks Aline Maggy Decat when discussing her latest collection of drawings and mix media pieces titled Cerberus, presented by the Espejo Organization for the arts at the Rabbithole Projects Gallery. Aline Maggy Decat was born in Liège, Belgium, but is now based in New York. She has worked as an illustration artist for almost 20 years, but also works with video, painting, and installations. The work in this series is inspired by Decat’s twisted sense of hypersensitive perception, the massive influence of pop culture, and the permanent and sometimes senseless search for idols and identity of her generation.

In this exhibition, Decat aims to confuse the mind of the viewer and give them a feeling of vague familiarity, like they have seen something like this before but don't know when or how exactly. With this series of mixed media and drawings, the artist poses a series of questions to the viewer: Who is watching who? Is the art watching the viewer or the opposite? and What if you were actually watching yourself through these drawings? Through Decat’s art the viewer has the opportunity to watch themselves watching art that is watching them. The artist describes by the meanings of this one-night-only show’s pieces by describing how:

“I am not really good at being social, but I still want to interact with people. I want them to remember feelings they have never had, have memories of things they have never seen, and miss people they have never met. I value the best and the worst of life.I don’t want to shock, but I want to leave a throbbing emotion among people.”

Presented by The Espejo Organization for the Arts, a Bushwick-based arts management organization committed to promote the artistic endeavors of mid-career and emerging international artists and creatives, this exhibition is part of a series of one night pop-up exhibitions and performances that aim to bring international art practices closer to the public.“Through these one-night shows we aim to offer an open and inviting platform where international artists and the public would meet. We want to create a more intimate relationship between the creator and the audience and invite them to participate and engage with contemporary art.” said Kika Espejo, founder and director of the the organization.

The Rabbithole Projects Gallery, an art space located on the waterfront of the Dumbo Arts District in Brooklyn, will host Decat’s Cerberus. “Our goal is to provide the space and community access for these talented artists to share their dreams, visions, and creations with inspired attendees. Decat’s exhibition will be an unforgettable night,” said Shawn Lyons, Owner of Rabbithole Projects. “As a contemporary art space we pride ourselves on exposing the work of diverse New-York based artists. We are incredibly excited to host such an intriguing artist.”


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