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the set nyc presents a  new art show  :  DEPRESSION.  A show in New York City.   Showcasing the evils of Depression and how to overcome it.  Part of the PIMCOMEDY The Musical series and story.  A story about depression and overcoming the evil.  The good, overcoming the darkness.  How suffering can end.  Ending child trafficking.  Show located in Manhattan , Off Broadway Show and Musical.  Off Broadway Art Show.  Located in New York City

Depression is an evil Demon.  Coming at us at all angles.  Can we escape it?   I am laying on the couch, depression.  No one cares about me.  No one cares about me, No one loves me.  I am depressed.  Down in the dumps.   An Off Broadway Art show and Exhibition.  Look forward to your submission!  NYC.  New York City .


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