Minimal. Signs and Forms of the Essential


Call for Exhibition │Free entry

Accepted media: Photography, Video, Digital Visual Design

Group Exhibition in Rome or Milan city. September 2022


The aesthetic perception of the matter man relates to in his environment conditions his existence on a daily basis determining his own behavior, choices, ideas and vision of the world.

Folklore and Traditions


Call for Exhibition - Accepted media: Photography, Digital Visual Design, Video

Group Exhibition in Rome or Milan city, Italy. October 2021

FREE ENTRY Photographers, Visual Designers and Video artists are invited to submit 1 to 3 works addressing the theme.

Call for Designers

Embrace Creatives new interiors showroom is READY FOR YOUR ARTWORK!!!

Founder, Andrea Bogart and her team are looking for high quality, 2 + 3D art + design products crafted for interiors;

  • furniture 
  • lighting
  • fiber/textiles
  • wood
  • glass
  • sculpture (indoor and outdoor)
  • ceramics 
  • home accessories
  • all art for space + place

EC is the buyer's agent, managing any sales or commissions so artists can spend more time creating.

We are curating our showroom to meet our residential and commercial buyers' needs so applications are required (no fee).

OPEN CALL: Workplace scholarship for designers

feldfünf promotes the dialogue between art, design and everyday life. In cooperation with neighborhoods in the southern part of Friedrichstadt and international cultural practitioners, feldfünf is a platform for process-based, intercultural projects and long-term, collaborative ideas. In our project rooms, we offer a workplace for 3 months to a designer to realize a project, that has already begun or to develop a new creative approach. In addition to the workplace, our spacious project rooms are also available for experiments and presentations. The scholarship is aimed at all those who are active as designers, architects or artists, and whose work process is enriched by the exchange with other people.

The Man and The Machine

THE MAN AND THE MACHINE Call for Exhibition

Accepted media: Photography, Digital Visual Design

International Group Exhibition in Rome or Milan city. November 2020

Transitions and Displacements


Accepted media: Photography, Digital Graphic, Digital Visual Design
Take part in the Group Exhibition in Berlin or Rome city. April 2020


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