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Interventions: Cayetano Ferrer



Cayetano Ferrer, Remnant Recomposition, 2014. Casino carpet fragments and seam tape. Installation view, Swiss Institute, 2014. Image courtesy of Swiss Institute.

This site-specific installation reveals the artist’s ongoing investigation into what he calls object prosthetics—the reconstruction of broken remains using a variety of conceptual and technological methods. Ferrer is interested in architectural fragments—as both objects and as ideas. His Composite series of sculpture is made by filling in pieces of marble or stone with digitally printed PVC that acts as a stand-in for what is perceived as “missing.” What results is a reimagining that can be considered both authentic as well as speculative. Hybrid sculptures that represent part fantasy and part elegy, Ferrer’s works provide the viewer ample space to imagine what lies between historical fact and invention.


Interventions: Cayetano Ferrer is presented in SBMA’s historic Ludington Court, the oldest part of the Museum devoted to its important collection of Greco-Roman antiquities. Taking advantage of the empty space—the sculptures are to be moved off site in preparation for SBMA’s forthcoming renovation—Ferrer presents the classical fragments in storage that are rarely displayed in the galleries. These carefully selected objects integrate and interact with work by Ferrer, including Remnant Recomposition (2014), a sprawling floor piece composed of casino carpet remnants.


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