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Br(o)adcast open call for Dreamcatcher




Br(o)adcast is a brand new Bradford based participatory audio platform. Dreamcatcher is an ongoing podcast/ archive collecting dreams from the people across Bradford and Craven, using this time of uncertainty as a chance to connect and record people’s emotional response.

Do you live or work in/around Bradford? Have you been having some extremely odd dreams lately?

Br(o)adcast is looking to compile a community and location specific response to the current climate. 

You dont have to be an artist or writer to submit, Dreamcatcher is about collecting a shared emotional response to a pandemic. The dreams can be wakeful or sleeping, related to Covid-19 or completely unconnected.

Use your phone, a dictaphone, your PC or any other equipment you have to  tell us about one of your recent dreams, maybe one that keeps occurring, or a new and obtuse one. Then send it to us via sound file. If this is difficult please get in touch and we will be able to work around the issues. Or, send me a message and you can leave a voicenote over whatsapp. 

The only requirement is that the dream is a vivid, lasting memory and that you feel comfortable sharing it. 

If you do not feel comfortable recording your voice, but want to share, please send us a message and we can arrange for your submission to be written and then recorded by myself or a person of your choosing.

If you have additional access requirements, please get in touch and we can adapt the submission. 

This project is in collaboration with Leeds based collective Creative Frame you can find out more about us here...

Funded by Bradford City Council Response.

This is an ongoing project and we may look for visual and installation based repsonses in the future. This project aims to bring together a sense of community and start conversations. This idea takes inspiration from the Neptune Archives and their Covid-19 project.



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