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Inspiring Change training course & art residency





Inspiring Change announces an open call for creatives for 2019!

Spend your summer holiday in Belgrade with artists from around the globe, learn how to develop your projects, find funding, brand your practice and reach a broader audience! Work with a mentor and set your personal and professional goals and milestones.

We invite creators of all creative disciplines, nationalities, and age, to apply for our next training course & art residency which takes place in Belgrade, from 21st of July till 2nd of August 2019.

Inspiring Change training course is about professionalizing your creative ideas and supporting your entrepreneurial initiatives. We offer education within the fields of project management, design thinking, visual identity & branding, marketing & social media, and public speaking & pitching project ideas. All you need is a good idea - and our team will help you do the rest! By the end of the two-week programme, you are equipped with skills to develop a kick-ass project, inspire your community and grow your network on a global level. In short, Inspiring Change mission is to help you emerge and overcome the obstacles you weren't thinking about during your art school. The workshops are facilitated by appropriate experts in these fields, with wide experience in developing creative projects.

We value the concept of mentorship a lot. Mentorship is a two-way learning process where the mentor is guiding the artist by sharing the personal experience relevant to the topic of development. In return, the mentor also learns from the artist, and gains a new, fresh perspective on creative process. During the residency and training course, each resident is paired with a mentor from the world of business, someone who can help nurture your creative ideas and give them visibility. Your mentor is a person who helps your professional growth as an artist, by sharing the experience around project management, community building and promoting good ideas.

And least, but not less important - Inspiring Change residency gives you the opportunity to meet international creators in the heart of Belgrade, share, co-create and discover Balkan art scene. The 21st is the perfect time to go cross-continental: in 2018, Inspiring Change residency gathered artists from five continents, and started building an international community of creative, supportive and successful people. Join that community today!


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The full cost of the programme is 500€, which covers accommodation & food, workshops, mentorship, and cultural activities in Belgrade.
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We are looking for artist entrepreneurs to apply for our ARTSLAB incubator program! ARTSLAB is a platform for cultivating sustainability in the Arts that includes an Incubator Program, a Meetup Group, and a conversation online that explores #ArtsMeetsBiz. This program is a 4-month arts entrepreneurship incubator program for emerging and creative business leaders. It is designed to bridge the gap between two worlds, where #ArtsMeetsBiz, and is intended to help each participant achieve growth & sustainability.

Born out of a desire to bridge the gap between arts and business, Mathew Heggem, co-founder of Left Side Labs, and Emileena Pedigo, Executive Director of The Show Goes On Productions, decided to put their business minds together and create a program designed to empower artists with strategies for sustainability.  They started by offering a workshop through the Greenwich Village-Chelsea Chamber of Commerce, as part of Village Arts Alive, and led a classroom of 40 attendees through a workshop titled, “Thrival Not Survival: A Workshop for Startup & Emerging Artists.” The ARTSLAB Incubator program is the next step toward cultivating a business-friendly, sustainable arts culture.

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