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Global Day of Creative Action





Micro Galleies is calling out to creatives to join us in our Global Day of Creative Action, where artists come together to create and draw attention to climate change in our communties, around the world. The Global Day of Creative Action is on November 6, and is a free, open platform for anyone who wants to use creativity in their community, to draw attention the environment. The 24 hour project will take place to coincide with the COP26 in Glasgow (the 26th United Nations Climate Change conference).

Creatives from all over the world will present artworks small and large, professional and amateur, provocative and subtle, in ANY medium they wish, about climate action. Mobilise within your community, and develop, present, and document a public, creative response to climate disruption; and impact the world right where you are. 

Climate change is a scary, data-heavy, intangible subject and creative interpretations help inform, educate, and engage our communities to have a better understanding of this issue and be motivated to make change and learn more. Plus, it’s loads of magical, creative fun.

This year you can be involved in three ways:

1. Create a public creative response in order to provide ideas, solutions and/or education using ANY medium you wish

2. Register to install our open-source project "Golden Repair (The Climate). This is an artwork created by Shohei Katayama and Adam Kuby Art, and made open source with instructions, so anyone can be part of this movement and make an impact

3. If in rigid lockdown or due to COVID-safety, digital responses can be submitted this year AND and we even have a team standing by to help you make these if you need

Register NOW to be involved, get your information pack and be part of the day, our Zine, online exhibition and catalogue and micro documentary. 


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