Autumn Residency at the NON-TOXIC ELECTRO-ETCHING WORKSHOP in Gran Canaria Island.




The artists will take part in the process of electro-etching carried out by the specialist Alfonso Crujera.

An opportunity to take part in recent experiences in the non-toxic process of electro-etching carried out by the artist and specialist Alfonso Crujera. The residency-workshop is located in the vicinity of the biosphere reserve of the island of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain). With excellent views to the Atlantic Ocean is surrounded by a quiet, natural environment, ideal for reflection and creation.

Since 2002 the artist Alfonso Crujera has been working in this workshop introducing printmakers from all over the world to the process of nontoxic etching. Author of the book Electro-etching handbook, a safe, non toxic approach.

Today, the classic technique of intaglio etching has been updated and reinvigorated by electrolytic etching, making the process of etching safer for printmakers and ecologically sound while providing a wider range of expressive qualities and innovative possibilities on graphical effects. The use of this technique is simple and not necessarily expensive. The wide range of technical possibilities enables printmakers to develop their skills within and continuing their art process.

The personal assistance as well as the friendly and family-like atmosphere including visits to the local contemporary art centres creates a pleasant work-friendly atmosphere.

San Felipe nº 90, Santa María de Guía, Las Palmas, Spain
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