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MiXER 2019 - collaboration based residency - LAST MINUTE CALL




Are you looking for excitement?
Can you bear a little culture shock to shake up your art/life-style?
Would you like to expand your existing creative practice?
Do you have enough courage to work collaboratively?

Due to a cancelation, we have a place open for MiXER 2019 project.

MiXER is a cross-disciplinary collaboration experiment or as we call it "a playground" where artists from diverse art disciplines and cultural backgrounds are encouraged to engage, share methodologies and inspire each other. With the task of working in pairs artists are given the opportunity to regenerate their creative dynamism, exchange and develop new ideas; experiment with no fear of failure and thus assess their own artistic processes – learning valuable insights from

To foster creative boldness, risk and experimentation.

MiXER urges dialogue and interchange, and should be seen as an opportunity to try out different types of working processes. With a focus on experimental research and discussion we hope to stimulate interaction in the working manner of creative thinkers and art professionals, which may have an inter-disciplinary character.

MiXER is an independent and flexible three-week programme with a structured outcome. The selected artists from diverse artistic disciplines are paired up to work collaboratively on a new body of work. Furthermore their task is to assemble an ARTISTS’ BOOK covering the leading aspects of their collaboration.

The residency ends with a PUBLIC PRESENTATION of the completed project.
The designed ARTIST’S BOOK is published as a limited edition artefact (all copies remain to the artists for reference).


Each residency period starts with a so called MEET & GREET evening, where the participating artists will be asked to share their work, their process and their vision with the peer group and the interested public.

Thursday evening we open the studio for a so called CRTITIQUE EVENING // an opportunity for artists to present their ongoing / in progress / work and get a firs handed respond  from the public as well as art professionals.


MiXER 2019 FEE
720,00 € (seven hundred twenty Euros)
: for details on what is included & terms and conditions visit our web page

We are looking for cultural as well as artistic diversity thus we are encouraging applications from artists representing the widest possible range of perspectives and demographics. Creative individuals in all fields may apply; regardless of whether visual artist, musician, writer, theorist, dancer,...

Participants are selected based on the quality of their current works, and their commitment to participate in this extraordinary creative platform.



Entry Fee:

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DongGang International Photo Festival _ International OpenCall 2019





We invite you to submit your work to the 18th DongGang International Photo Festival, to be held this year from 5th July to 29th September, 2019 in DongGang, Yeongwol, Korea.


People with dreams and ideals innovate themselves and, eventually, manage to change the world. That is presumably because one cannot fulfill a dream alone: one needs to communicate to the world. By presenting the artworks that showcase a wide array of individual dreams, it is our wish to create an opportunity where we can all remind ourselves the meaning of the dream in the age that is often criticized for the absence of true dreams and dreamers.​

Individuals and collectives are welcome to apply; individuals should select and enter between 8-10 photographs from a particular series or body of work.

Artist of the year (individual artist or 1 team of winner) and between 10 and 20 photographers / artists will bene t from:

- Solo exhibition - 'the artist of year', the winner(individual artist or 1 team) will be eligible for travel and accommodation - production (printing, framing or related presentation material)- exhibition exposure at the Festival's main exhibition space/outdoor- inclusion in art magazine and any related press - long term festival representation and promotion on offcial website- publications/ catalog- being seen by a substantial number of visual arts professionals and the media - having their work viewed by an international panel of infuential experts in the eld of photography



DongGang International Photo Festival aims to feature a quality selection of photography projects from around the world. Festival’s open call is devoted to offering a platform and supporting photography, showcasing photography and related media from emerging and established artists.

The selected projects will be presented to DongGang International Photo Festival in DongGang in main exhibition space, screening or outdoor space.

The Main Program of 18th DongGang International Photo Festival 2019 will be held from July 5th, 2019 to June 30th, 2020

Submission to DongGang International Photo Festival 2019 is open to artists, collectives, galleries and organizations from around the world.

Entry Deadline
Submissions must be made before 5th May, 2019, 00.00 hrs. There is no entry fee for submissions.


Submissions must Include below

Photography works : 8 – 12 images, 4000 pixel (on the longside), jpeg file or tiff file
Name (full name)
Mobile/Phone Number
Email Address
Postal Address
*A concise one-page CV or a short biography (PDF)

*A short write-up about the body of work.


Receipt Confirmation
Upon receipt, an email confirmation will be sent to the email specified in the application form.




All submissions will be reviewed and evaluated by the curatorial team of DongGang International Photo Festival.

Status Notification
All selected artists will be notified by email of their submission status by 12th, May 2019 at the latest.



DongGang International Photo Festival will collect the digital files from selected artists and all production will be provided for the exhibitions.


Entry Fee:

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Call for Exhibitors: ARTbound's Summer Show 2019 @ Legacy Art Gallery





Join us this June for our 'Summer Show 2019' at Legacy Arts Gallery in Todmorden Village! The theme for this exhibition is 'RADIANT'.

Our collaborations with Legacy Arts have always been a wonderful success. In the past, we've left our exhibitions at this venue 'open'. However, to make a minor change, we're sprucing up the show by adding a one-word theme!

The one-word theme for our 'Summer Show 2019' this June, is 'RADIANT'

We're inviting exhibitors to join us by submitting their brightest, most colourful, vibrant creations in form of original art, photography, textiles and sculpture, anything that celebrates energy and life!

Preview arranged for: Sunday 2 June, 2-4pm with drinks and nibbles.

Exhibition dates: Wednesday 5 June to Sunday 30 June 2019

Venue: Legacy Arts Gallery, 17 Burnley Road, Todmorden, OL14 7BU


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
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This artist in residence programme will run alongside a major exhibition entitled ‘ODYSEES’ that we are hosting in partnership with the Abattoirs Museum - Frac Occitanie, Toulouse. ‘Odysees’ is part of the programme ‘Je suis né étranger’

Artists : Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Julien Creuzet, Ninar Esbar, Bouchra Khalili, Nil Yalter

“Je suis né étranger” - “I was born a foreigner" is an outreach programme of exhibitions organised by the Abattoirs, and based on the exhibition "Picasso and Exile - A history of Spanish art in resistance" at the Abattoirs, 15 March - 25th August 2019. Each exhibition is unique and articulated in relation to the specific history of each territory and its public, commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Retirada.

The residency programme is two fold - Drawing Research and Mediation.

We want to give selected artists the opportunity to develop their work alongside a major exhibition featuring several recognised international artists whose work reflects contemporary stories of exile, articulating a personal and a collective story.

Artists are expected to establish a dialogue between their own artistic practice and that of the current exhibition. How does the viewer perceive contemporary art and engage with it and others.

Artists will also have the opportunity to show  their own work and offer workshops, artist talks etc in compliment to the ‘ODYSEES’ exhibition programme

We are interested in creative people who would appreciate the opportunity for cultural exchange and sustained concentration in a supportive professional studio environment, in order to develop their artistic practice by engaging in new perspectives, experiences and challenges.

Proposals are invited from visual artists for whom drawing plays an important part in their creative practice. We would encourage a residency period of two or three months to make the most of this opportunity, the minimum period would be one month.

DRAWinternational set out some years ago to celebrate drawing ‘for itself’ and ‘for others’ i.e. as it relates to other representational media. Our artists-in-residence programme attracts artists who wish to extend their professional practice and theoretical understanding, with the very issues reflected in contemporary society. That is, through human endeavour, reflection, discourse and action. These artists come from many different countries and bring with them many diverse experiences, but all have something in common, a humanity and a passion for drawing.

We work with architects, designers, writers and professionals in the applied and fine arts. Our provision is both theoretical and practice based, working with artists when required, assisting them to be more objective, thus distancing themselves somewhat from the aesthetic object. (The Phenomenology of Aesthetic Experience, 1973, Mikel Dufrenne).

The centre for drawing research is situated in the heart of Caylus, a small medieval village in SW France, a rural community with a growing number of artists and craftspeople.

DRAWinternational A-i-R programme continues to expand notions of drawing:

to cater for creative people in pursuit of new and dynamic form, in preparation for exhibition, publication or postgraduate qualification and support artists in their professional practice/research.

Artists are selected on the quality of their residency proposal, its relevance to DRAW's philosophy, the environment and evidence of previous artistic work.

The centre organises events such as, exhibitions, open workshops and seminars/presentations, to promote it's activities, share creative experience and opportunities within the public domain.

Accommodation/studio/workshop facilities

Artists are accommodated in self catering apartments with private rooms and shared kitchen, bathroom, dining/sitting room and gardens at ‘l'Ancienne gendarmerie’.

Artists are allocated individual studio spaces to suit particular project requirements at the "gendarmerie" with unlimited access.

Academic support and access to relevant documentation.

Regular discussion of work to include individual and group critiques and practical workshops

Organisation and promotion of an event at the beginning/end of the residency for the public. Editing and translation of written text.

Cultural Program (visits, meetings and other facilitated activities together)

Support for artists to encourage integration within the community.

Internet access (wifi) for personal laptops.



Residency fee 1750 euros, selected artists will receive a stipend of 850 euros. Therefore the fee per month is 900 euros.

DRAWinternational is an independent organisation initiated and sustained without any public or private support or sponsorship.  Our commitment is to DRAWing research, the artists and our public for which we have to create our own resources.

DRAWinternational is an independent organisation initiated and sustained without any public or private support or sponsorship.  Our commitment is to DRAWing research, the artists and our public for which we have to create our own resources.





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Intermission invites artists to engage with two diametrically opposed public and social contexts; the Reinickendorf Town Hall in Berlin, Germany, and the historical centre of Paduli, Italy.

With the call for the exhibition at the Reinickendorf Town Hall we challenge artists to intervene in a space that is defined by its function as a public institution.

The most representative artists will be selected for an art residency that will take place in Paduli, IT, in the hinterland of Naples. Heavily damaged and depopulated by a tragic earthquake in 1962, Paduli  lays on the opposite side of the spectrum of institutionalised places. It will be the ground zero for artistic interventions that aim to define a new interpretation of human space and establish a new connection among various elements of the urban fabric.

We invite artists to apply for Function.Anomy within the 15th of January 2019 23:59PM, Berlin time. There is no application fee.

The exhibition will take place between 28th of March and 16th of May.

The 1-4 weeks residency will start the 2nd week of June and end the 2nd week of July.


What is Intermission

Intermission is a collective of artists from international backgrounds.

We support artists establishing autonomy from business-driven intermediation and promoting the critical understanding of their work.


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'The Sound of Colour' art exhibition




'The Sound of Colour’ is a music-inspired collaborative exhibition, in which we invite emerging artists to showcase with us for our first exhibition of 2019 at Creative Arts Hub in Mirfield, West Yorkshire.

We're returning to the Creative Arts Hub in Mirfield, West Yorkshire to start 2019 with a creative bang! 

'The Sound of Colour' is our first exhibition of the year, set to feature an exciting collaboration of painting, print and photography works inspired by music! We're looking for creations based on portraits of celebrated musicians (living and deceased), as well as abstract works inspired by both modern and contemporary festivals, dance and music.

Exhibition dates: Sat 12 January - Sat 23 February 2019

Acceptance fee per exhibitor: £15 

Please note - the acceptance fee may increase if your chosen submissions exceed approx 60cm (or 25inch) in length - we try allocate an equal amount of wall space per exhibitor. (Please enquire about larger submissions prior to submitting, we will accommodate where possible) 

Sales commission: 30% sales commission to the Creative Arts Hub. Funds raised go towards the running of the venue.

Deadline: Thursday 3 January 2019

Please submit via Curatorspace.com. If you don’t use the Curator Space platform please email your submissions to


ARTbound is a membership based online arts organisation, who regularly hire venues and spaces to boost the exposure and sales of our creative community . 

Contact & Links: 


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