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Exit is the light of saving reflection and hesitation. It has a special meaning for life on the earth and even outside the earth. The solution of contradictions, the end of thinking, and the cut-off are difficult to extricate themselves Suddenly, space and time interact here. Every life is in the process of life cycle. We should treat our present moment strictly. Today, in any corner of the world, perhaps no one wants to solidify time at this moment. It is the exit.

On the back of the silence is the exit, gazing at the people who come and go intentionally or unintentionally. Every life comes with the wind. It doesn't know time, just stands quietly, and doesn't have time to hand it to the people who pass by. This is the exit.

Scope of collection:

This exhibition has no nationality and age restriction. The material of the work is unlimited. Painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, installation, video, performance art, etc.It aims to show and encourage works that support any style.



Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
there is no registration fee. The artists will pay thecorresponding booth fee after your works is selected bycommision.
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