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Motion Design/Animation/Augmented Reality Open Call - City of Vienna, A1 Telekom Austria, Azoomee London





Brief introduction:

*PAID OPPORTUNITY*. The educational media company, Azoomee, is partnering with Stadt Wien (city of Vienna) and the leading mobile network operator in Austria, A1, to promote the new installation of 5G. With the help of local artists, Azoomee's aim is to create an inspiring and exciting augmented reality experience app for children (age 5-10) as they are guided by a tour guide through Vienna's Town Hall. Its rooms will hold secret worlds to find and explore through provided mobile phone screens and each room will showcase the designs of one local artist or collective. The app will take the children on a journey of imagination to accompany the tour, with an emphasis on engaging story-telling and imaginative 2D and 3D animated injections to the grand rooms of the building. 


London based educational media distributor Azoomee has partnered with the city of Vienna and the Austrian Telecom provider A1 to promote the new installation of 5G in the city. The aim of the project is to provide an augmented reality application for children on provided mobile phones which will be used as an extension to an already existing tour of the Town Hall, given by tour guides. The children will be handed a mobile phone at the beginning of the tour. The tour guide will introduce each room with fun facts and stories, after which the children will be given the opportunity to use the phones to search the room for any ‘hidden’ augmented reality features.

The animations should either enhance existing features of the room to accompany the story given by the tour guide, or tell their own imaginative stories. The artist(s) should bring flair and excitement into the building's rooms with their animations. Creatures, hidden rooms, trap doors, fantastical environments and landscapes are all very welcome. 

Each selected artist(s) will be given a budget of around €1500 - €2000 to work with, and will have a 4-week timeframe within which to produce this experience. Their work will be showcased for a period of 6 months from September 14th, and will be the first use of augmented reality at the cross section between public art and educational entertainment worldwide featuring area target technology.

3D animations can be done via all programs with the possibility of export to Unity, e.g. Maya, Blender, C4D, Max, etc

2D animations ideally made in Spine. 

Prizes Details: 

Selected artists will be paid from 1500 Euros for their work.


Entry Fee:

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