A Voyage of Absurdity



There is this idea(l) of the artist creating art for art’s sake, living la vie bohème, being envied for their freedom and creativity and having the liberty to express their individuality as they please. Is this actually the case though?

Festival Opera Prima: call for entries 2021

Selection of performances for Opera Prima Festival XVII Rovigo, 05 / 12 september 2021


The call is opened to single artists or emerging and independent professional companies that work with professional purposes in the field of contemporary theatre, dance and performing arts.



Split Videoart Festival

Split Videoart Festival invites international and domestic video artists to participate in the second edition that will take place in Split 12th-15th May 2021. 

​Call for entries is opened for emerging and established authors, new authors and students. 

Our goal is to  promote video art in public space and  attract new audiences by organizing exhibitions in galleries and unconventional spaces and locations around town. A part of the program will be shown online as a stream through our website.


Words, Non-words And Music with Julia Holter

CAMP is a residential arts facility in the French Pyrenees. It's a place where great art is made, new movements are formed, new ideas are explored and groundbreaking people are nurtured. CAMP is located in Aulus les Bains, the last village before the France/Spain Pyrenean frontier chain. The location is spectacular - we are nestled at 750m above sea level, surrounded by snowcapped peaks over 3000m high, ancient forests and cascading waterfalls. There are eagles, lammergeiers, vultures, ibex and bears. Walk out of the residency, and within ten minutes you are completely alone in one of the most beautiful mountain landscapes in Europe.

Online Project for kosmoss.co.uk

Kosmoss Gallery is proud to announce an Open Call for young residents of Thamesmead, The Town of Tomorrow. We are inviting individuals and groups to contemplate their reality and come up with an original online project. The winner will receive a £500 grant towards the artwork (including artist fee), a separate budget for physical artworks and generous conceptual and technical support from the curator - Dominika Kieruzel. Many thanks to our sponsors: Peabody, London Community Foundation and Thamesmead Community Fund.

Just passing time

Thinking about David Lynch's analogy about catching an idea and learning by doing I came up with the idea of making an experimental short film. I was thinking about the time as the main topic. I would love to see how people around the globe would catch the idea of time on camera, in words, pictures, or even voice. 


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