ATTEMPT 4 - International Contest for Experiment in Visual Arts

Jan Tarasin Art Gallery in Kalisz, Poland invites you to participate in the Attempt 4 - International Contest for Experiment in Visual Arts. 

Attempt 4 is a competition for artists, graduates of artistic universities.

Thanks to the open formula - we invite you to send works related to the need to experiment, and thus take risks, interventions or uncontrolled actions in the field of artistic practices, regardless of formal workshop.

where you are

I am looking for a male actor to film for 1-2 hour for an experimental art film, no dialogue, just action, age between 38 - 50

someone with a little or a lot of performance work in film & or stage

filming will be in stafforhire in January 2020

I am a film maker, & artist 

Saigon Experimental Film Festival II

Saigon Experimental Film Festival II

Working with underground DEO cinema and artist bar 289E, we will be holding our next screening at A. Farm, a local artist residency located in a converted factory at the edge of Saigon. Our goal is to generate interest in experimental cinema and video art in Vietnam.

Genre focus: experimental, abstract, video art, documentary. 
Length: under 15 minutes 
Prefer films made between 2015-2019.


Carrying Across - Crossing Disciplines as a Form of "Translation"

For Interim's July issue, we are seeking work that crosses disciplines in the form of "translation." The origin of the word translate means "to carry across." While translation usually occurs across languages, we are looking specifically for work that is carried across one art form to the other, or work that seeks to create new forms altogether. Perhaps you've created dance informed by the structure of a particular sonnet, or you've taken a famous dance or performance art piece you found inspiring and translated its rhythm, structure, and images into a poem. We are looking for this kind of challenging work. 

Open Call for Time-Based Art & Films

Based in New Brunswick, New Jersey, the NOFLASH Video Show is dedicated to showcasing rigorous new work by emerging time-based artists and filmmakers, local and international. The third annual NOFLASH is now open for submissions in the following categories: hybrid/experimental short films, narrative/documentary short films, feature film, moving-image installation/video art, live performance art and sound art. Last year, 25 works were selected from around 750 submissions, ranging from undergraduate students to working artists in nine different countries. Submit by February 1  (free for students, $5 standard).

Artists/makers/creatives/performers needed.

Be a part of an immersive experience, experimental installation and performance exploring layers of confusion and belonging through sound, light and objects.

I am a MA performance design student at the University of Leeds, and I am currently working in collaboration with Jonathan Parker (hoppla creative and Inkwell arts) on an extension of a piece developed in Germany whilst on an artist residency. The piece is story, and originally an object and promenade performance, I am developing it into a sound installation with interactive live elements.


I have two roles to fill:



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