Expressive Nature | Call For Photography

We invite photographers to submit to our open call, Expressive Nature. This call for photography seeks to delve into the emotional and artistic resonance of the natural world as seen through the artist's lens.

Photographers are encouraged to challenge the viewer's perception of nature with organic shapes, showcase the dynamic interplay between light and shadow, or capture moments of stillness that evoke deep emotion. Celebrate the beauty and expressive power of nature through your photography.

Explore and interpret the natural surroundings uniquely, showcasing your ability to capture its emotional essence. We welcome submissions in any style, including abstract, experimental, black and white, and documentary.

Invisible Threads | Call For Photography

Invisible Threads seeks to explore the unseen connections that shape our lives. This open call invites art photographers to submit works that capture the elusive, often overlooked ties that bind the physical to the emotional, the individual to the collective, and the mundane to the extraordinary. Whether it's the subtle interplay of light and shadow that connects time and memory, the complex relationship between environment and identity, or the hidden networks within urban or natural landscapes, we're looking for images that reveal the underlying structures that influence our perceptions and experiences. All photographic techniques and styles are welcome; creativity and interpretation of the theme are highly encouraged.

Win an online Solo Exhibition in June 2024

Win an online Solo Exhibition in June 2024

Get International Exposure and Connect with Industry Insiders, Art Collectors and Potential Buyers

Each month an amazing photographer will be awarded a Solo Exhibition in our new dedicated showroom pages. Next exhibition dates: June 1-30, 2024

We want to showcase incredible work. Photography that awakens our imagination, transforms our way of thinking, or simply resonates with who we are.

The Solo Exhibition enables you to reach a wider audience through our independent magazine that has become one of the most vibrant portals of photography on the web.

New Visionary Magazine - Issue 11

New Visionary Magazine, Issue 11

New Visionary Magazine is a print & digital publication featuring contemporary artists, exclusive interviews with leading art world professionals, art career resources, and more. We are seeking artists from around the world to feature in this issue. Selected artists will each receive a 2-page spread, including a custom article written about their work by our head writer.

New Visionary Magazine is brought to you by Visionary Art Collective, a New York City-based Contemporary Art & Artist Development company. Our mission is to uplift artists through magazine features, virtual exhibitions, podcast interviews, and our mentorship programs. 

Human stories

We invite photographers to submit entries to the open call “Human Stories” for our next online exhibition and magazine publication. Through this call, we aim to showcase documentary storytelling that defines the human experience. We encourage photographers to interpret the theme creatively. Whether through documentary, portraiture, photojournalism, or conceptual work, we welcome submissions that offer unique perspectives on the human condition. Explore human experiences, emotions, and stories through your lens and capture the essence of humanity.

New York Fashion Week in SoHo

OK FRIDA in SoHo / NWFW, NYC Feb 2024

Artists can apply through the open call link or through the Membership Portal once they become members.

Be featured in front of Prada in SoHo, New York during NYFW Feb. 2024
Opt in and be featured in Times Square when Times Square dresses up as a runway featuring renowned brands and emerging fashion designers.

Membership Perks:
No submission fees to all Open Calls, Discounts on participation fees.
Applicants that access calls through the membership will compete for a Solo Show on Artsy.



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