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  "We are beyond marks, boundaries and social classes. We permeate all the layers and aspects of the world society" Emmeline Pankhurst

Leaving our homeland can change many aspects of our lives, letting us discover tastes, smells, new friends or even ourselves; leaving our homeland can let us find a good job, love, or freedom, but in the same way, it can reveal void, suffering, distance, and absence. You are invited to contribute to this exploration of the women in movement’s world regardless of your social status, background, age or nationality.

IMPORTANT! When I mention the word "woman" I refer to all the people who recognise themselves into the female universe; this is an inclusive, interclassist and intersectional feminist project, FEEL FREE TO EXPRESS YOURSELF

This project intends to follow the #storiesofmigrantwomen footprints looking for women in movement. I am going to look into the female migratory perspective, connecting us through photography and storytelling. 

How does it work? You do not know where to start? Try to start answering the following  (INDICATIVE) questions:
Where are you from?
Where are you based?
Did you move on your own?
Why did you move to your current place?
How has being a woman affected (or is it affecting) your experience?
Are you one of the thousands of second-generation immigrants or you choose to move?

Both individuals and associations or collectives are welcome
Other ways of collaboration could be considered.

To download the call, please follow the link provided
For any inquiry or clarification please contact me directly 

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SqueeFest at RevelCon





We are now accepting film submissions for our festival at RevelCon in Houston in March 2019. 

We are seeking film submissions to present at RevelCon, the only fan-run, fan-fun, relax-a-con in the Southwest. If you are interested in fanficton, fannish song vids, panels about your favorite media madness, art, food, friends, fun and frolic, have we got a FANtastic weekend planned for you. This is RevelCon's 30th anniversary so it will be an extra special celebration of fandom, friendship and community.

We are looking for short films from female identifying and non-binary creators that explore topics through the female gaze. We are especially interested in projects that explore fandom, geek-nerd culture, feminism, pop culture, comics, cosplay, 

Genres include documentary, horror, sci-fi, fan films, animation, pop culture, meta, webisodes, vidding and more -if you have a topic you're not sure we'd accept -just ask! Our goal is to support women, female identifying and non-binary creators in film and to create an opportunity for their videos and films to be seen.

The Squee Project is a collective of fangrrl creators. We attempt to cover the full fandom experience including cosplay, conventions, comic books, movies, podcasts, fanfic, episodics, and creating spaces for women, girls, femmes and female identifying fangrrls to collaborate and network in geek-nerd culture. 



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