Woman Life Freedom

Woman Made Gallery (WMG) seeks entries for the Woman Life Freedom exhibition, juried by Shahrbanoo Hamzeh and on display from May 6 to June 3, 2023.

Woman Life Freedom is a slogan that the women of Iran are chanting on the streets in​ an unfair war with the gender apartheid regime to gain their basic human rights and bodily​ autonomy back. Beginning on September 16th, 2022, with Mahsa Amini’s unjust death, Iranian​ people have been shedding blood, sweat, and tears while protesting in the streets for freedom.​ ​We can play our part for freedom through art. I believe artists are able to take up the fight for​ women’s rights and become the voice of Iranian women.

Windows to the Inside: Expressions of Mental Health

Woman Made Gallery (WMG) is seeking entries for "Windows to the Inside: Expressions of Mental Health,” a virtual group exhibition curated by Grace Heaney with support by WMG’s team. Artists may enter up to three works plus an artist statement related to the exhibition theme. At least one work per artist will be accepted. ALL accepted works with statements will be viewable online.

Art is a Weapon for Social Change

Diaspora for Iran is curating an online exhibition of protest art to support Iran's #WomenLifeFreedom movement. The goal of the exhibition is to increase visibility for the crisis in Iran and to keep Mahsa "Jina" Amini's name alive.

This is an open invitation and we welcome anyone who wants to take a part in this collection. However, not every work submitted will be published. Here are some values we look for:

1. Messaging: the main slogan for this movement is “Women. Life. Freedom.” we encourage you to use the main slogan in your work or any other slogans that align with the main message.

Woman Made Gallery Call For Art: ROE 2.0- It Ain’t Over Yet!

Woman Made Gallery (WMG) seeks submissions for ROE 2.0- It Ain’t Over Yet! exhibition, with exhibition dates of January to February 2023. This is a hybrid (in person and virtual) group exhibition juried by WMG’s Programming Committee. Artists can enter up to three works, and the committee will choose at least one work per artist. ALL accepted works will be viewable online, but due to space limitations Woman Made is able to exhibit only up to forty works in its gallery. For this inclusive show, 

Eligibility: All individuals who have or have had the capacity for pregnancy, and their allies.

Woman Made Gallery's Feminist Biennial juried by Ashley Wynn

Woman Made Gallery seeks submissions for the first iteration of The Feminist Biennial, with the exhibition dates of September - November 2022. This is a group exhibition juried by Ashley Wynn (Recent Director at Monique Meloche Gallery, Board Member at LATITUDE Chicago). This exhibition will be held at Woman Made Gallery located at 2150 S. Canalport Ave., Chicago, IL 60608 in the Pilsen neighborhood. 


Womyn's Werq

In Honor of Women’s History Month, WOMYN’S WERQ

An Open Call for an Old School, LGBTQIA-friendly, Radical Feminist Art Exhibition

This exhibition will be a hybrid of both virtual and onsite components. An open call to all who identify as radical feminists for two-dimensional and three-dimensional art works, and short video art pieces serving as visual narratives based on the mantra that the personal is political. What embodies radicalism on an artistic level, is it the artist’s engagement with protest, activism, cultural organizing? Is it the materials used or the content the artist takes up? Show us the manifestations of the work that fueled your survival through the past 4 years and preserved your hope for a brighter future!


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