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Woman Made Gallery CFA: Word of Mouth (Food + feminism)





Woman Made Gallery seeks submissions for our January- February 2022 group exhibition juried by Rosalyn D'Mello (international art critic, feminist writer, columnist, and recent evaluator for the Andy Warhol Foundation Art Writers Grant). 

This exhibition will be held at Woman Made Gallery located at 2150 S. Canalport Ave., Chicago, IL 60608 in the Pilsen neighborhood. 


For the upcoming Jan/Feb 2022 exhibition Word of Mouth, Woman Made Gallery seeks artwork exploring food through an intersectional feminist lens across mediums. It asks artists to subvert socially conditioned, gendered conceptions of a kitchen, an ingredient, a worm, or even a plate.

"The kinky tactility of that which is edible, materially or intangibly, spiritually or secularly is our pursuit. It forms the fibrous conceptual core of this exhibition. We seek that which evangelizes or is informed by orality, by sensory interventions that are performative and exploratory, inconclusive yet holistic; that which relates to tongue or lingual papillae, that which is linked to the irrepressible, bound by the fluid interstices between resonance, laughter, and/or rage; that which relates to dimensions of hunger and satiation, gluttony and greed, miracles and grief, that which connotes the alterity of word-made-flesh-made-text-made-loaf…

Imagine the sound a knife makes as it sluices the petticoats of onions; the void in the pit of a freshly de-seeded cherry; the earthiness of organic fertilizer; the rapture of an almond tree full-blossomed in spring; the gospel according to a caterpillar, or a bee." - Rosalyn D'Mello

The juror is particularly, though not exclusively, interested in investigating the following conceptual questions for "Word of Mouth":

  • If we are what we eat what nourishes our collective soul? 
  • How does your garden grow? How does the squirmy earthworm embody hope? 
  • How to advance queer table fellowship? 
  • What makes a particular orifice a mouth? 
  • How do we salvage leftover joys? 
  • How do you undo a pomegranate without the application of a knife? Can you cut a pineapple underwater? 
  • How does the gut relate to emotion? How do you ferment old wine?


Woman Made Gallery seeks artwork in all mediums. We encourage intersectional feminist approaches that include consideration of sexuality, race, ethnicity, class, and disability, among other social locations.


Rosalyn D’Mello (she/her) is a feminist writer, art critic, columnist, essayist, editor and researcher. She is the author of A Handbook for My Lover. She writes a weekly feminist column for mid-day, a fortnightly one on contemporary art for STIR, and regularly contributes to OPEN. Rosalyn was an evaluator for the Andy Warhol Foundation Art Writers Grant in 2020 and is an Ocean Fellowship Mentor for 2021. 

She is presently working on a book for Oxford University Press based on her visits to South Asian artists’ studios, thanks to an India Foundation for the Arts research grant. Her freelance writing has been internationally published and anthologized.  Her art criticism has appeared in publications like Tate etc, Art Review, Art Review Asia, Artsy, Vogue, Firstpost, The Hindu, and Mint Lounge, among numerous others.

The submission fee for Word of Mouth is $30. Only one submission may be entered per artist. Each submission requires one artwork, though up to three artworks may be considered per submission. Paid submission does not guarantee an exhibition opportunity. No refunds offered.

Members at the Enhanced Artist Level and above receive one free entry annually. Please email general@womanmade.org to receive your one-time code for free entry redemption.

WMG offers fee waivers to those that request the need and upon approved application. WMG offers 25 fee waivers in total. To acknowledge the historic inequities of wealth distribution, 15 of the 25 are exclusively reserved for ALAANA/BIPOC and/or LGBTQIA+. Factors that result in an approved application include financial instability or low income status, student or recent graduate status, identification as ALAANA/BIPOC and/or LGBTQIA+, or a demonstrated need otherwise. WMG accepts Fee Waiver Request forms on a rolling basis until all fee waivers have been distributed. A note declaring all fee waivers have been distributed will be added to the Submission form at that time. (That is, if you are reading this, the form is active, and there are still fee waivers available!) The team at WMG will approve and send a Submittal fee waived link within 4 days of application receipt.  

To request a fee waiver -- complete this form.

Woman Made Gallery is a space for women and nonbinary artists, including trans women and femme/feminine-identifying genderqueer artists. We welcome art from women and non-binary artists from our local community, regionally based, and around the world.

Due to limited staff and wall-size restrictions, artworks must fall within 6’ horizontally and under 75 pounds in weight, unless delivered to and picked up from our 4th-floor gallery by the artist. Artists may be additionally responsible for the installation of oversized works.

New media artworks are eligible. To be considered, artists must submit a sample .mp4 or url under 10mins for purposes of consideration. For the exhibition, WMG requires a digital transfer (Google Drive, Vimeo downloads, WeTransfer) as well as a USB formatted in .mp4 file format delivered to the gallery. WMG can provide a limited number of media players, Epson projectors, and TV monitors with basic speakers. All other new media needs are the responsibility of the artist.

Accepted work may be listed for sale, though is not required. WMG will retain a 40% commission on sold works. Work remains the property of the artist until sold. Sold artworks shall remain in the exhibition until the end of the exhibition. Artists will be paid no later than 30 days after the close of the exhibit.

An artist contract with full terms of the exhibition will be administered at the time of acceptance notification. Please note that the shipping/delivery to and from the gallery is the responsibility of the artist including all associated fees. If work is not picked up from the exhibition by the date noted in the artist contract, the work will become the property of Woman Made Gallery and subject to donation to WMG's fundraising efforts, or otherwise discarded. WMG is happy to talk through preparations, offer advice, and recommend resources as requested.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
$30 with fee waivers available
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Call for artists: The Sleepover





The Sleepover is an international community art project that explores the significance of female gathering traditions.

Women of all ages and backgrounds are invited to share art inspired by their personal experiences with sleepovers, religious traditions, sewing circles, girl scouts, mehndi parties, baby showers, unique family customs--the list goes on! While the project team is based in Maryland, we welcome all US and international entries.

We're seeking visual art, memories, short stories, music, sound art, essays, videos, poems, physical objects, and multidisciplinary work. These will be curated for digital exhibition and serve as inspiration for an original theatre piece. The Sleepover is supported in part by the Maryland State Arts Council (msac.org).

Offerings may be shared by email, snail mail, or via our toll-free hotline through July 15, 2021.

Visit the project website to submit or learn more:


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 




Open Call “3/21 - hysteria”

The history of hysteria is a history of the relation between the colonizing father and the colonized devalued other.”

Judith L. Alpert





Hysteria was considered a "female" illness until well into the 20th century and was treated with violent methods. Today, gender minorities who fight for their rights are described as "hysterical", while populations who rebel against dictatorships are oftentimes not only silenced on a daily basis but also brutally beaten down during protests. Victims and survivors of psychological and physical violence are met with a lack of awareness. Those, who speak up about their experiences face victim blaming, defamation and retraumatization. 

But what exactly is hysteria and how does it manifest? When is hysteria a needed call for action, when is it hyperbolical selfishness? And why is there a lack of support for those, who don't want to accept what is occuring to them? How is it possible that politicians world wide are still able to stir up fears? 


The above mentioned and many other questions will be discussed during the exhibition hysteria organized by Lisa Jureczko and Ava Weis. The exhibition will take place between March 12th and 14th, 2021, online - and if the current situation allows it - offline at our studio kollektiv drei in Wuppertal, Germany.

hysteria is meant to be a possibility to deconstruct the patriarchal structurs of the art scene. Especially marginalized groups are those, who are faced with the accusation of being "too hysterical" and whose voices are oftentimes overheard, ignored, appropriated or censored.


Therefore, this call for applications is aimed particularly at FLINTA and artists of color.


We look forward to your submissions by February 10, 2021.


Wurde Hysterie noch bis weit ins 20. Jahrhundert als psychische Frauen*krankheit gesehen und mit gewaltvollen Methoden behandelt, erlebt sie heute ein denkwürdiges Revival. Gender-Minorities, die weltweit um die ihnen zustehenden Rechte kämpfen, werden als hysterisch verschrien, immer mehr Bevölkerungen lehnen sich gegen diktatorische Staatsgewalt auf und werden dabei brutal niedergeschlagen. Betroffenen von psychischer und körperlicher Gewalt wird Unverständnis entgegengebracht und die Schuld für ihr Schicksal zugesprochen. Wer mit den eigenen Erfahrungen an die Öffentlichkeit tritt, wird nicht selten diffamiert und re-traumatisiert. 

Aber was genau ist Hysterie? Welche Formen kann sie annehmen? Wann ist hysterisches Verhalten ein benötigter Aufschrei, wann ist es übertriebener Egoismus? Warum mangelt es an Unterstützung für Menschen, die nicht stillschweigend hinnehmen wollen, was mit ihnen geschieht? Wie schaffen es Politiker*innen immer noch mit Polemik Ängste zu schüren?

Diese und weitere Fragestellungen behandelt die von Lisa Jureczko und Ava Weis konzipierte Ausstellung hysteria, die vom 12. bis 14. März im kollektiv drei in Wuppertal stattfindet. In den Räumlichkeiten sollen dafür weitere Arbeiten diverser Künstler*innen aller Sparten gezeigt werden, die "Hysterie" und den Umgang mit eben dieser thematisieren.

Mit hysteria möchten wir die patriarchalen Strukturen der Kunst- und Kulturbranche durchbrechen, denn es sind vor allem marginalisierte Personengruppen, die mit dem Vorwurf der Hysterie konfrontiert, und deren Stimmen weitestgehend übergangen, angeeignet oder zensiert werden.

Daher richtet sich diese Ausschreibung insbesondere an FLINTA und Künstler:innen of Color. 

Wir freuen uns über eure Einreichungen bis zum 10. Februar 2021.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 






Submission Deadline:  November 8, 2017

The Untitled Space is accepting submissions for a group exhibition, ONE YEAR OF RESISTANCE, to take place January 2018 inspired by the resistance movement and specifically addressing contemporary political art and protest to open January, 2018. The exhibit, curated by gallery director Indira Cesarine, is open to submissions until November 8, 2017. Artists may submit up to 10 options of artwork for consideration. All mediums welcome, including photography, painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, video, performance, etc.  All works must be framed and/or ready to hang for exhibition. ​There are no fees to submit your work for review.  

To submit your work please review the guidelines below:

Artists should have an educational background in art and strong exhibition track record.
We do not accept walk ins or any unsolicited artwork shipped by mail.
Artists may submit up to 10 digital images of artwork (JPEG format) for consideration
Artwork image sizes minimum 1000 pixels – maximum 2000 pixels JPEGS (only)
Each jpeg must be titled with “ARTIST NAME – Title of Artwork – Medium – Year Created”
Each submission must include the SUBMISSION FORM – noting all works submitted, your artist biography, artist statement, a description of the art, and statement on the subject of inspiration for the art as well as basic info for each work including title, year created, medium, dimensions, suggested price, and edition size and number if relevant.  
Works submitted must be available for exhibition and for sale. 
All works must be original artwork by the artist submitting the materials. 

Please download the submission form to apply: http://untitled-space.com/artist-opportunities/ 
Submit works to email address noting exhibit title in subject line. 

Artist exhibition proposals are also accepted, although must include the SUBMISSION FORM and at least 5 works of art for review. 

For more infomation on our exhibitions please visit our website:  http://untitled-space.com/exhibits/

Fee Detail: 




The Untitled Space welcomes professional artists to submit their artwork for consideration for future exhibits at the gallery. We are always on the lookout for artists that will fit into upcoming group shows, as well as artists that focus on feminist art. 


The Untitled Space is an art gallery located in Tribeca, New York in a landmark building on Lispenard Street. Founded in 2014 by Indira Cesarine, the gallery features an ongoing curation of exhibits of emerging and established contemporary artists exploring conceptual framework and boundary pushing ideology through mediums of painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, video and performance art. The gallery is committing to exploring new ideas vis-à-vis traditional and new mediums and highlights a program of Feminist Art as well as special events aligned with our creative vision. Recent press on our exhibitions includes Harper's Bazaar, Newsweek, W Magazine, i-D Magazine, Teen Vogue, Forbes among many others.  For more information about the gallery and our curatorial visit us online: http://untitled-space.com. 




Submission Deadline: June 4, 2017

A group exhibition of female identifying artists exploring figurative works of nudes and erotic art. The exhibit is open to submissions until June 4, 2017. Acceptable mediums include painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, mixed media and collage among others. Artists may submit up to 5 works of art for consideration or submit a proposal. All artwork must be framed and ready to hang if accepted. Download the submission form on our website at http://untitled-space.com/artist-opportunities/



Submission Deadline:  September 31, 2017

A group exhibition of photography and artwork inspired by the resistance movement with works specifically addressing political protest. The exhibit is open to submissions until September 31, 2017. Artists may submit up to 10 options of photography or artwork for consideration. All mediums welcome, all accepted works must be printed (if photography) and ready to hang for exhibition. Download the submission form on our website at http://untitled-space.com/artist-opportunities/



Dates TBC 2018

A group exhibition of contemporary artists working specifically with textile art. Themes and subject matter of works can vary, although all works must be unique pieces. Wall or installation works are both acceptable and the exhibition will prioritize new works. Artists may submit up to 5 works of art for consideration or submit a proposal. Download the submission form on our website at http://untitled-space.com/artist-opportunities/


To submit your work please review the guidelines below:

- Artists should have an educational background in art and/or strong exhibition track record.

- We do not accept walk ins or any unsolicited artwork shipped by mail. 

- Artists may submit up to 5 digital images of artwork (JPEG format) for consideration

- Artwork image sizes minimum 1000 pixels – maximum 2000 pixels JPEGS (only)

- Each jpeg must be titled with “ARTIST NAME – Title of Artwork – Year Created”

- Each submission must include the SUBMISSION FORM – noting all works submitted, your artist biography, artist statement, a description of the art, and statement on the subject of inspiration for the art as well as basic info for each work including title, year created, medium, dimensions, suggested price, and edition size and number if relevant. 

- There are no fees to submit your work for review.  

- Works submitted must be available for exhibition and for sale 

- All works must be original and unique or limited editions by the artist submitting the materials. 

- Artist exhibition proposals are also accepted, although must include the SUBMISSION FORM and at least 5 works of art for review.


Please download the SUBMISSION FORM on our website http://untitled-space.com/artist-opportunities/ 

Fee Detail: 

"SHE INSPIRES" Exhibition to Open May 2nd at The Untitled Space gallery




A Group Exhibition of 60 Artists Curated by Indira Cesarine
A Portion of Proceeds to Benefit She Should Run

May 2 – May 20, 2017

VIP / PRESS RECEPTION May 2nd 4pm – 6pm



ARTIST TALK May 16th 6-9pm



45 Lispenard Street Unit 1W NYC 10013

The Untitled Space gallery is pleased to present exhibition, SHE INSPIRES, curated by gallery director and artist Indira Cesarine, featuring the work of 60 contemporary artists. In the divisive and challenging era we are currently experiencing filled with political turmoil, protest and uncertainty, it is important to reflect on those that inspire us. The exhibition, “She Inspires” will present artworks of many mediums, revolving around inspirational women that have made a positive impact on the world. Each work is an ode to a woman or group of women that has shaped our past, present and/or will help form our future. The exhibit aims to not only explore themes of inspiration of present day female role models, but also the legacy of women who have paved the way, and to inspire and empower others with visual art on the subject. The exhibit will take place from May 2- May 20, 2017, with several events to take place including an opening reception on May 2nd, a special performance by renowned dancer Katherine Crockett in collaboration with artist Laura Wehl on May 9th as well as an artist talk on May 16th.

Agent X, Alex Nuñez, Alexis Duque, Ann Lewis, Anna Cone, Annika Connor, Anya Rubin, Anyes Galleani, Cabell Molina, Cassandra Klos, Cecilia Collantes, Cristin Millett, Danielle Siegelbaum, Daryl Daniels, Dena Paige-Fischer, Desire Rebecca Moheb Zandi, Diana Casanova, Elise Garcia de la Huerta, Farrin Chwalkowski, Fischer Cherry, Haile Binns, Indira Cesarine, J’Nell Jordan, Jacqueline Secor, Jamie Martinez, Jasmine Anokye, Jennifer Dwyer, Jeremy Penn, Jess De Wahls, Joanna Wlazyn, Joseph Cavalieri, Julia Vanifatieva, Kat Toronto, Katya Zvereva, Kelsey Bennett, Ki Sub Lee, Kim Rae Taylor, Laura Murray, Lauren Rinaldi, Leslie Sheryll, Lili Lopez, Linda Friedman Schmidt, Loretta Lomanto, Lynn Bianchi, Manju Shandler, Marcelo Daldoce, Maria Petrovskaya, Michael Hubbard, Molly Crabapple, Nicole Washington, Nils Karsten, Rebecca Leveille, Reza Rafiei Rad, Rosemary Meza-DesPlas, Sam Cannon, Senem Oezdogan, Shihori Yamammoto, Sylvia Maier, Tara Lewis, Zen Sevastyanova


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