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Selection of performances for Opera Prima Festival XVIII

The Object of the Call

This call for entries is opened to national and international groups or artists that practice experimental theatre.

By experimental theatre we mean a work that truly experiments with the dramaturgy (interpreted as scenic composition), the actor, the spectator and the scenic space. 

In other words, experimental theatre is all that unconventional theatre pursuing: 

the autonomy of scenic language from a written play; the redefinition of the scenic space; the reformulation of the role and the gaze of the spectator; an original actors' training; a link that connects the actors to the project of the company.

Participation requirements

International festival of performances 2019

We are looking for air tickets to finance the transports fees of the performers for the international festival of performances 2019. 

We will promote by advertising the travel compagnies which should pay 2 air tickets from New-York to Paris (or Caen) including the return journey on 27 th May  and 3nd June 2019 and the retourn journey from Venice to Caen at the same dates. 


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