Red Wine International Art Festival

The Art Inception (AI) Georgia and The Voice from Georgia are happy to announce their first formal collaboration for the Annual Red Wine Art Festival scheduled to take place in the Kakheti region (Georgia) on September 21-26, 2021.

The Art Inception (AI) Georgia and The Voice from Georgia welcome all artists to participate in Call. We are seeking an assortment of artists representing diverse styles in painting. The Call is open to all adult artists of any nationality, to participate in 5 day-festival in Kakheti. Twelve artists among the finalists will be selected for the Festival and final exhibition in Sighnaghi.

OPEN CALL - GLW Competition 2021 has started!

Our GENIUS LOCI WEIMAR competition 2021 has started!

GENIUS LOCI WEIMAR is looking again for innovative ideas for the projection festival in its 10th edition in autumn 2021.


  • Annual theme: TRUE CRIME
  • 2 buildings
  • Deadline: 6th of June 2021
  • 30 sec video
  • Eur 30,000

More info here: www.genius-loci-weimar.org

Kaunas Photo 2021 Open Call extended until 10 JUNE

KAUNAS PHOTO, the longest-running annual photographic festival in the Baltic States, based in Kaunas, is a platform of premieres of emerging talents. “Photo World” (China) titled KAUNAS PHOTO as a festival on crossroads of European photography. The current objective is to become a friendly festival to its audience as well as to the participating artists.

Dreams & Resilience Virtual Art Show

The Coronavirus. Became a source of stress or even anxiety for many people. For many more.. Something even worse.

What helped us out here was our Resilience. It can help us fight and overcome almost everything. Maybe the only downside of resilience is that, it's not something we receive as a gift. Needs time to build, shapes with your experiences. Basically we shape it as we progress through life. The reason why each and every one of us respond differently to Covid. Basically our capability of being able to go through difficult or even extreme events and how we survive the aftermath.

Like our Art.

Peekskill Film Festival

The Peekskill Film Festival is proud to announce that submissions for 2021 are now open. We are in early preparations to bring a wonderful festival to our community with live screenings, outdoor parties and new interactive elements to engage our audience.

Let’s make our 6th year anniversary amazing, safe and healthy.

See you at the movies.

Christopher Fox
Carol Bash
John Morgan
Jennifer Brown



Our Festival was created by the collective cultural group “WE”, which grew out of a lively and dynamic community of artists who have presented their work at the festival and each year organize the event.

The group’s shared vision is to bring together a variety of artists from different backgrounds and from these creative and collaborative encounters, to forge long-lasting cross-cultural relationships.

Our Festival works with liminal to make all events accessible and collaborates with disabled artists in order to promote inclusion and ensure the equal participation of all to the cultural life of the community. 


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