Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival: Round 7 SUBMISSIONS OPEN

SUBMISSIONS are open for Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival: Round 7 (D2D).  Taking place annually in Los Angeles at the Glorya Kaufman Performing Arts Center, Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival (D2D) is an international film festival devoted to democratizing, celebrating, and promoting the genre of Screen Dance.  Regularly attended by Filmmakers, Producers, Dancers and Dance Aficionados, D2D presents films that explore dance as an urgent, visceral, universal language about what it is to be human and alive in the world TODAY.  Annual D2D: Round 7 judges include internationally renowned Choreographers, Dancers, Producers, and Directors,  will be announced soon!  

switch 2023

The annual switch event will take place this year from 29th October - 5th of November 2023, in Nenagh, Co Tipperary, Ireland. 


switch locates itself outside of the big city and locates itself in the rhythm of a smaller place.

Inviting artists working with film / moving image / lens based Media, to consider an application for switch 2023 responding to the theme of Play.

switch began in 2008 showing eight works by eight artists in eight locations in Nenagh town centre. For the 15th edition of this event we are making again an open call to all artists working with film, lens based media and moving image to submit one work. 

Call to Artists: Collage on Screen Artist Residency

A five-week, virtual/online residency with Kolaj Institute in August 2023

Deadline: Wednesday, 26 July 2023

Collage in Motion is a project of Kolaj Institute that explores collage and the moving image, a broad, loosely defined category that includes animations, film cut-ups, collage film, stop-motion, animated GIFs, documentaries about collage artists, and other forms of media in which collage–as medium or genre–is present. We see our role as not one of defining “collage in motion” but as one of asking what “collage in motion” can be. The project manifests as articles in Kolaj Magazine, an online directory, workshops, residencies, and screenings. Artists with practice of Collage in Motion are encouraged to submit to the online directory.

Superpresent Fall Issue

Superpresent is seeking submissions on the theme Naturally.  Superpresent is an arts and literature magazine that places equal emphasis on literature and visual arts.  We are looking for all forms of visual art as well as essays, short stories, flash fiction, and poetry. 

L’Alternativa, Barcelona Independent Film Festival

The Call for Entries for the next edition is now open!

L’Alternativa, Barcelona Independent Film Festival, celebrates its 30th edition. We offer filmgoers, filmmakers and industry professionals a unique opportunity to discover and enjoy screenings and activities that value creative freedom, diversity, innovation, commitment and thought-provoking reflection. 

L’Alternativa, 30th Barcelona Independent Film Festival will take place from 13-19 Nov. 2023.
The main onsite venue is the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB).

International Portrait Film Festival - Open Call 2023

IPFF is on the path towards its fourth edition in 2023. Once again, we will celebrate short portrait cinema and art which explores, educates, and transforms.


A portrait is an image heavy with meaning. Multilayered and multifaceted, it has a visual, psychological, material, emotional and spiritual dimension.

A portrait always undergoes a transformation. It imitates and repeats life, but becomes something or someone new along the way. It changes its original subject while capturing it. Then the portrait is transformed again through the mind of every brave interpreter.


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