In Other Tongues: residential short course ANNOUNCED

In Other Tongues: intimate geographies, ecologies of conversation

A residential short course produced by at Dartington Hall

June 10-14 2017

Taking the idea of geographical intimacy as its starting point, this five-day residential course offers a special opportunity to explore how we relate to the poetics of place. Its a chance to engage in practical, playful and serious enquiry into our experience of landscape and all things that inhabit it - from those that can be seen and heard, to those living in more in-between or imagined spaces.

In Light Of, Photography Competition

The phrase "in light of" means to take into account or consideration. This contest asks photographers to think about how light is seen and used in the photographic process.  Ambient, dramatic, directional, movement can make or break capturing a moment or object. Show us your best use of light!​

Exhibition Dates: Sept 30 - Oct 13, 2016​

Online Opening: 10 am MST, Sept 30, 2016​

A group exhibition of the top finalists will be held in our online gallery. ​

Entry Fee: 

  • (1-3 images $20) ; (4-5 images $30) 

  • All fees are Non-Refundable    

Color Burst, Photography Competition

Ever find a burst of color in an unexpected place? This photo competition will showcase an emporium of surprising hues, whether abstracted or taken straight from reality - it does not matter. We just want to see COLOR BURST! All photographic processes are welcome.  


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