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Perspectives of Atlanta

Everyone experiences a different version of the same place due to personal circumstance, place in life, etc. We are inviting local and regional artists to explore and interpret their own unique experience of Atlanta through their artwork. Our modern-looking Atlanta art space is located in downtown Atlanta, GA, and we want to fill it with different versions of the city people experience through art.

We welcome artists who are working with painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, or mixed-media. Contemporary and fine art styles are welcome to show the version of the city you see through your eyes.

We treat artists as superstars, and we curate the exhibition for artists. We will accept new series and ideas and wait for artists to finish the pieces before the show. 

The WAE Open 2023

The WAE Open - 2023
Heidi Gallery at JSDD is proud to announce the juried group exhibition, The WAE Open. Founded in 2004, the WAE (Wellness, Arts, Enrichment) Center is a holistic, creative learning program for adults with developmental disabilities. Dedicated to 'Finding the Spark Within', WAE's focus is on personal growth and creativity in guiding each member to build a greater capacity to live a full life.

Established in 2021 as a key component of the state-of-the-art facility of JSDD, the Heidi Gallery is focused on bringing people together to experience art and arts education while fostering a fully inclusive community.

The Man

pimcomedy presents , The Man.   An art show in New York City.  Physical and online.  Showing work, New York City exhibition.  Art talk , art exhibition , helping end child trafficking. The story of The Man.  Working for corporate, and I had a satanic boss.  He tried to get me fired.  He was an evil man.  He tried to steal all my accounts.  At the end of the day, I ran away from Corporate.  Group art show, group art talks, new york city.  New media, art chatting, creating new connections.  New contacts.  International show too.  IG: ,  Jan 17 and Jan 24 shows.  Pimcomedy 

The State of Interim

A symposium on A.I. bundling diverse positions on from artists, researchers and beyond.

The Symposium will take part over three consecutive days,
during the 27th / 28th / 29th of May. The participating positions
will be bundled into three individual blocks, one for each day of
the event.

We are happy to present to you our diverse and international
program which combines artistic, theoretical and research
focussed positions and presentations.

We are looking forward to a dense weekend full of talks, dialogues
and discussions on AI, art, computing, coding, aesthetic theoriy,
performative practice and many more topics and intersections.

Free submission! Free published work at MVIBE magazine!

Show your Art to the world!

MVIBE Magazine is a magazine created by artists for artists solely for the purpose of advertising worldwide.We give creative people the opportunity to be published and to show the world their images and their works. Impressive images, of high standards from world emerging talents.MVIBE Magazine is printed in USA and distributed worldwide. It can only be purchased online, either in print or electronically, through the publishing company's website. It publishes three issues a month. One with wedding photographers, one with portrait photographers and one with Fine Art artists.MVIBE Magazine aims to spread creativity around the world and gives the opportunity to those who want to exhibit their work or their works to the world.

The Mind at Play

Superpresent is seeking submissions for its Summer 2021 issue.  The theme for the issue is "The Mind at Play".  We are seeking submissions of visual art, experimental art, poetry, essays, short stories, audio, and video.  Please check our website for details:

We do not charge submission fees and the magazine is available for download at no charge.


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