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ART WOMAN 2020 - Geo-Graphies




Primo Piano Special Project is pleased to announce the "Geo-Graphies" exhibition for ART WOMAN 2020. Palmieri’s Foundation is a private place in the old town of Lecce, Italy.  Its name comes from the noble family that renovated this ancient Renaissance church of San Sebastian. Formerly in the 600s it was known as the church of repented women. In fact, some frescoes, still visible today, re-emerge with the figures of saints and the redeeming Christ. After various uses, this space has become a place that hosts major events and attracts international tourism.

About show: ART WOMAN is an international platform for exhibition for female artists from the region and beyond. Since 2005, Primo Piano LivinGallery has presented works, performances and films by artists around the world, bringing a broad range of contemporary art and cultural program to the communities of Lecce. For the 2020 Edition a program full of events and performances that will once again make the most anticipated exhibition of the year.

In a period of great changes and geo-political conflicts, GEO-GRAPHIES event focuses attention on the identity and dignity of women of any race, social class and background. The project will collect the testimonies and artistic traces of women from all over the world. The works can be of free theme. The works that will have as their theme the question about identity, the transnational mobility, and the social themes in general are appreciated, to remember - once again to the world in the World Day of Women - that the figure of the woman is to be respected above all things. The exhibition offers input on which to activate its artistic and expressive sense, the social theme is not mandatory.   

MARKETING & ADVERSTING - Flyer and Invitation (to artists, collectors, audience);Printed Catalog & PDF Catalog with link for download and to share; Press release and Kit Press (newspaper, magazines etc) and more..

CATALOGS - All the works will be included in the printed and pdf catalog version; The texts will be written in Italian and English; Each artist will get one or more pages for works, website link and a personalized curatorial review; A maximum of 5 printed catalogs

SERVICES & SALES - .All the works on display are intended for sale. The works will also be advertised online in our online stores to stimulate purchases even from off-site collectors.


The closing date for submissions is 31 December 2019

Further Info Show and Application Form at

ART WOMAN 2020 is a unique exhibiting opportunity not to be missed!



For all artists in the show the following prizes and fellowship will be awarded:

- FELLOWSHIP AWARD (No. 5 Artists among the participants in the exhibition, will receive a 100% refund of the participation or production cost);

- INVENTORY ART BOOK EDITION 2020 ( A maximum of 5 Artists with unpublished works will be chosen to get a page on this edition for free and with a special mention);

- INTERVIEW (A maximum of 2 Artists will receive an interview with curator about the works on display. It will be published along with the images of the works over DISCOVER ART JOURNAL)

*All the participating artists will receive the Participation Certificate, signed by the scientific committee.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Photo Construct





We are inviting 10 photographers to join us for 10 day workshop from 15th to 25th June 2019; living and working from our modest studio/house in Leh. We are looking for passionate people who use photography as a medium or a message for expression. We will be working closely with each participant in converting an artist concept into physical printed photobook. The workshop will start from the initial concept of converting it into a photo narrative, book designing and finally conclude into a printed photobook/Zine. The photographers can come with an empty palate and create works in Leh to make the photobook or come with an already existing body of photographic works. We are also interested in exploring work around 'found images'.We will help not only in the creative process, but also provide inputs like InDesign feedbacks, book-binding etc. The photographic works can be conceptual or documentary. We also highly encourage converting literature to visual narrative by means of a photo-book.

We will put the participants in 'provocative' areas of social, cultural and political spectrums, to find interesting voices from the cameras. The works can be conceptual or documentary. We will visit very interesting sites of traditional Buddhist art in Ladakh-Saspol & Alchi.

Contact & Links: 
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