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This artist residency aims to look closely to art practice and theory  as events that not only occur in galleries, museums or any other exhibition space, rather on the street, on the roads we commute every day and even where we live. That is why we will be looking to the relationship of space, the rural and our environment through our different perspectives, so we recognize and experiment with the new terrain thus to develop a critic relations as sensible with it.
We will look at different art pieces and art practices, we will also do an excersice of Recollection / Extraction / and Reuse on site, to finally create and purpose a collective piece on site. 

Residency Dates: September 13th – September 27th, 2019

Call for Submissions Deadline: August 16th, 2019

Cost: $715 USD.

Students & Latin-American citizens $585 USD

Fees include meals & Shuttle from Airport/Anima – Anima/Airport

Curated by Perla Ramos  (Mexico)


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715 (USD)
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