Call for Performers of all kinds / Performance@Live Music Venue in London


Coocoolili are looking for collaborators for their upcoming live music/performance evening on the 5th of December at Jamboree Live Music Venue in Limehouse! Coocoolili is a group of musicians and performers presenting an evening of a variety of acts brought together under a common theme; an evening of music, songs, spoken word, performance, dance, quirky tomfooleries, profound ideas and profanities. We are explorers of uncharted silliness and seas of trouble, intoxicated with fumes of general infatuation, on an artistic quest in search of the holy whale. Through music, text and a variety of integrated media, we interpret realities, we tell stories, we create a space where informal sharing can happen, and we want to offer a relaxed, warm evening among stranger friends and acquaintances. We are open to ideas and invitations but small talk is prohibited.

The theme for our December event is "Unlove Affairs" and we are looking for any kind of performance on this theme that is 10-20 minutes long. We are open to all sorts of creative interpretations of the theme, no matter how absurd most people would think they are. Just send us an email with a bit about yourself and a sample of your work and we will be in touch with you. Our events are free with optional donation, so unfortunately we are unable to pay a proper artist fee. You will get half price drinks at the bar and of course the donations will be shared equally by all participants.


Noizemaschin!! London #10



Noizemaschin!! London #10


See out the year with a Quality Street-style selection of our finest noise-makers from all across the land!



Monday 9th December

Amersham Arms

New Cross


Facebook event:

Twitter: @Noizemaschin


Francesca Ter-Berg - Experimental cello meets folk improvisation

Portia Winters - Performs material from her new project 'Starflesh', gathering songs and improvisations with blurred edges

James Malone & Joe Wright - Free improvisation for guitar and saxophones

IlSantoBevitore - Hypnotic texture of low bass frequencies, harsh and bright distortions, supported by layers of acoustic percussions and minimal technoide-beat

Thomas Stone - Performs a new contrabasson and electronics work, fusing dark ambient soundscapes with contemporary new music, drone, noise and minimal tech

Stephen James - Busted up guitar noise and found percussion

Yoni Silver - Spectrally manipulated, amplified bass clarinet improvisation

Dee Byrne - Freewheeling jazz-fused experimentation!

Also, check out the Noizemaschin!! website: for more information on our international network of experimental music making!

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