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Our Way of Advertise

Targeting an exceptional audience, from young people to adults, Artmagazineium is working with artists from all over the world, with our partners and social media network reaching out to hundreds of thousands of people. To help your name grow and give you a big boost if you are targeting the global art world by putting your name on our cover with your links and social media accounts.

Why Advertise in our Magazine?

It is available through our Network we have been setting up with our partners, to make it easy to reach globally for everyone, instead of going for a narrow, fixed audience. Will be reaching out to our list of artists who has been following us in different platforms on both social media and websites plus the companies we have been working with.

Where and How We Present Your Name

In our Printed & Digital Magazine, you or your brand can have your own page, designed and presented with the materials you wanted to be in it like; your logo, biography/information, your work or an already made design you have been using and want to keep it. You can have your own pages inside or you can be on the back Cover.

If you are interested in Advertising, you can contact us with an e-mail


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