The Creative Gesture - Collective Composition Lab for Music and Dance 2019

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Program Overview

This residency is part of The Creative Gesture dance program. The residency, for choreographers, composers, and dancers, will focus on creativity through practices of collaboration, composition, and improvisation.

Moderated by internationally acclaimed faculty Michael Schumacher, Anne Bourne, Carla Kihlstedt, Ami Schulman and Program Director Emily Molnar, the Collective Composition Lab for Music and Dance will present a positive and concentrated research space. Choreographers and composers will explore the dialogue between dance and music, as well as exercise their research with the participating dancers.

What does the program offer?

Five choreographers and nine composer/performer/improviser/sound artists will have two weeks of studio time to deepen their experience of the relationship between dance and music; with facilitation to explore improvisation, listening, and place as compositional sources for gesture and sound. Each choreographer and composer/performer team will have daily time to workshop ideas, rough drafts, and perhaps even the beginnings of more concrete collaborations. Participating dancers will have time to work with choreographer and composer teams in smaller groups. 

The residency also offers time in faculty led sessions for all artists to exercise instant composition, listening, and sound improvisation. These sessions will include the study of the participants’ pre-existing methods of improvisation and composition, as well as exercises and tools to help develop new systems and modalities of their own techniques.

Who should apply?

We invite applications from dancers who are curious about improvisation, instant composition, and working in intimate, collaborative spaces with choreographers, composer/performers, and faculty. 

Choreographers who are interested in furthering their relationship to musical form and composition, to their own craft, and discovering new modalities are also encouraged to apply.

Composers, improvisers, and sound artists who perform their own work and are interested in collaborative process, discovering new starting points for composition, and engaging deeply with the aesthetics and practices of dance are welcome. 

Musical applicants should be able to realize their own compositions/improvisation without other musicians. While composer/performers will be paired, there may also be opportunities to work individually with a choreographer. Acoustic instrument, and electroacoustic or field recording composer/performers are welcome. 

Dates: July 29 - August 10, 2019

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Ensemble Evolution | Summer Music 2019






Featuring a faculty of performers drawn from the ranks of the International Contemporary Ensemble, along with an extraordinary group of composers, improvisers, and conversation partners, Ensemble Evolution explores the evolving range and depth of ensemble playing in the early 21st century. 

Through workshops, performances, collaboration with faculty on newly commissioned works, and group conversation, participants will engage in a holistic approach to making music, building community, and imagining pathways forward for the future of the ensemble. The composition faculty includes internationally renowned composers George Lewis, Liza Lim, Alvin Lucier, Yvette Janine Jackson and Miya Masaoka, and the improvisation faculty includes luminaries Matana Roberts, Peter Evans, Mazz Swift, Levy Lorenzo, Wifrideo Terrazas and Cory Smythe. Ensemble Evolution also welcomes Rania El Mugammar as a conversation partner who will guide discussions and workshops around equity and social responsibility in the music field.

As a part of Ensemble Evolution’s ongoing commitment to the creation of new repertory for a new generation, 2019 Banff Centre-commissioned works by Alvin Lucier, Miya Masaoka and Yvette Janine Jackson will premiere this summer in Banff. 

Over the course of the program, participants will take increasing responsibility for programming, rehearsing, and producing the concerts, resulting in a participant-driven day of performances at the culmination of the program. Ensemble Evolution prepares the 21st century musician by promoting artistic excellence, seeding collaboration, fostering social consciousness and exploring new modes of community-building through music.

What does the program offer?

Ensemble Evolution prepares the 21st century musician by promoting artistic excellence, seeding collaboration, fostering social consciousness, and exploring new modes of community-building through music. 

Participants will present various public and in-house performances — nearly a concert per day — from publicized, ticketed events to participant-driven “throw downs” to simultaneous performances called The Arcades. There will be ample opportunity to perform! Participants will take increasing responsibility for programming, rehearsing, and producing concerts over the three weeks, resulting in a participant-driven day of performances at the residency’s end.  

Participants will also convene in a daily meeting for high-level presentations by select faculty. Presentations will include musical aesthetics, interpretative issues, ensemble management, and issues of equity and social responsibility.  Performance faculty will offer lessons, and composers will receive instruction and mentorship from internationally distinguished composition faculty, as well as have their pieces performed by participants.

Who should apply?

Performers of any instrument or vocal quality along with composers, improvisers, and scholars are encouraged to apply. The successful applicants will be post-secondary students or emerging artists, already at an advanced level of accomplishment and with a well-documented record of musical exploration. Artists from historically underrepresented groups are especially welcomed.

Application Deadline: January 16, 2019

Date: June 24 - July 13, 2019

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