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February 5th – 7th, 2021 // KiZ Gießen

For its fourth edition, hungry eyes festival is once again looking for artistic works that situate themselves at the intersection of film, performance and installation art and question film in an interdisciplinary way. This year hungry eyes festival will take place in the urban exhibition space KiZ (Kultur im Zentrum) and poses the question of how cinematic works can relate to, as well as challenge that space.
A program consisting of short film series, performative and installative works will explore what constitutes the medium film and how cinematographic elements and working methods can be translated into other media. What can cinematic work mean in the context of installation art and performances if it does not only mean the playing of audiovisual clips? To what extent can also a short film address its own form and play with performative elements? By which means does film become a field of experimentation that expands its own concept and practice in an interdisciplinary approach? From a ballet of overhead projectors, an exhibition with flip-books to a silent movie screening with
virtual reality glasses – everything is possible.

hungry eyes festival is looking for your short films, installation art and performative formats!

Apply with your works until 31th of August 2020!

Since we are particularly interested in interdisciplinary works, we also want to encourage artists to apply with projects that do not fit perfectly into one of these categories!


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Tough Art Residency

Artistic field:



The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh announces a request for proposals for its annual Tough Art Residency Program. The residency invites artists to work in the museum to develop and create artworks that will be exhibited fall/winter 2020.

This residency offers a $5,000 honorarium, $3,500 materials budget, access to fabrication facilities, marketing and documentation services, and an opening reception. Out-of-town artists are provided with housing and transit to/from Pittsburgh. The residency runs June through mid-September 2020; artists are expected to be in Pittsburgh for the duration of the residency.

Members of the museum’s exhibition staff work hand in hand with artists to produce interactive and innovative artworks that have a direct impact on the visitor experience. Throughout the residency, artists work collaboratively with staff to build prototypes, test ideas on the museum floor, and fabricate and install a finished work that is “tough” enough to thrive in a hands on environment.

We seek submissions from artists who represent the broad spectrum of the greater artist community. We value diversity in age, gender, ethnicity and gender expression as well as diversity in medium.

Application Deadline: Received by March 8, 2020


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Arts by the Sea Festival, Open Call for Artists

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Call for Artists 

The festival is inviting artists to apply to create a commission for the festival. Successful artist applicants will receive funding, publicity around their commission and support from the festival's production team and Creative Producer to realise their idea. This opportunity may be more suited to early career artists, though anybody residing in the UK is eligible to apply. We welcome proposals from artists who wish to develop an existing work.

Arts by the Sea festival is committed to promoting equality and diversity across our programme and we actively encourage applications from artists of any ethnicity, gender and irrespective of any disability. 

We are particularly interested in outdoor light art, sculpture and installation work that:

  1. Has sufficient scale and impact in the setting of Bournemouth Gardens or Bournemouth Beach
  2. Is visible at night, as well as during the day (it gets dark around 18:50).
  3. Encourages interaction and exploration of the work.

We are also interested in artwork that references or explores the 2019 artistic concept (though this can be subtle and is not essential).

Please note: applicants are required to show their work for the full 3-day duration of the festival.

About the Festival 

The 2019 Arts by the Sea festival core programme will take place on 27th - 29th September with Fringe events taking place in the preceding week from 23rd - 29th September. The core programme is a 3-day celebratory explosion of art with many fantastic events taking place throughout the town. The festival is focused on programming inclusive and accessible events across a range of disciplines, most of which will be free and unrestricted to attend. The festival is delivered by Bournemouth Borough Council with the support of Arts Council England.

Venues for the 2019 festival encompass Bournemouth's Central and Lower Gardens, Beachfront and Pier Approach as well as including dozens of small gig spaces, theatres, libraries and cafes which participate in the Fringe festival. The artistic concept for this year is 'Mind Matter' (details available on the Opportunitues Page on the festiva's website) which invites artists, Fringe event organisers and creative partners to open and explore discussions around mental health.

Application and Commissioning Process.

Artists are required to complete an online application form, accessible via the festival's website.

Commission Levels

Arts by the Sea festival will be awarding one artwork commission in 2019 with a value of £6000.

Artists are invited to submit proposals until 5pm on 1st April 2019.

The successful applicant will be notified no later than 15th April 2019. 


  • The commission is open to all, provided the lead contact is a resident in the UK. This includes early career artists and any form of creative organisations.
  • Applicants with additional funding (who are applying for a portion of the cost of a co-commissioned work) are eligible.  
  • Proposals for developments of existing work are eligible. Applicants should explain this development in the Project Outline.
  • The project must be presented in Bournemouth at Arts by the Sea 2019.
  • All project expenditure must take place after the panel decision has been formally announced to the successful applicant.


Deadline for submissions: 17:00 1st April 2019                   

Selection of artists to feature in project: 15th April 2019

Site visit for artists to assess requirements (where relevant): 1st - 31st May 2019

Live Event: 27th - 29th September 2019     

Evaluation period: October 2019

For further information and to access the application form please visit the Arts by the Sea website via the link below. 

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Open Call, 5 Festivals Co-commission

Artistic field:



Art Commission Brief

Building on the success of a co-commission in 2018, bluedot, Kendal Calling, Shambala, Lakes Alive and Arts by the Sea are providing a new opportunity for artists to create and tour a new artwork to each of their festivals in 2019.

The festivals are particularly interested in seeing applications for outdoor light art, digital art and large-scale installation work that has sufficient scale and impact for each festival setting. The artwork will be showcased in arenas that have audiences present throughout the day and after dark so should be created to be visible at night as well as during the day. Artists are encouraged to consider the use of light as a key artistic medium for the commission. The artwork could also include ambient sound as well as light, however this should be designed to have a controllable volume level. The artwork should encourage interaction and exploration of the work. Interactivity for audiences is a key factor for all 5 festivals and the piece should be designed to be robust enough to withstand audiences.

Commission Level

£12,000 is available for touring a new piece of artwork to the following festivals: Kendal Calling, bluedot, Shambala, Lakes Alive and Arts by the Sea.

Application and Commissioning Process

Artists are required to complete the online application form via the link below to be considered. All completed applications will be reviewed for award by the panel, and you will be notified of the decision in writing, via email. Unfortunately, due to limited resource the festival is not able to offer feedback on unsuccessful applications. 

All participating festivals are listed below. Please check your / your team's availability to set up, supervise and de-rig the work at the events listed below, before applying. 

Please note: it is expected that you have teams to supervise your artwork during the live show days at each festival. The festivals will have security teams patrolling the area but there is not enough resource to staff each individual piece of artwork.

Application Timescales

  • Application return deadline – 1 March 2019
  • Panel review and shortlisting – 15 March 2019

At this point you may be required to provide more information or clarify your proposals

  • Unsuccessful applicants notified, and awards made by 1 April 2019
  • Delivery and Communications – April to July 2019
  • Live event dates:

bluedot festival (18-21st July).

Kendal Calling (25-28th July).

Shambala festival (22-25th August)

Lakes Alive (6-8th September)

Arts by the Sea (27-29th September)

  • Feedback and evaluation – October 2019 


  • The commission is open to organisations and individual artists.
  • The project must be presented at all co-commissioning festivals.
  • The commission is for a new piece of work; however, developments of existing work will also be considered.
  • All project expenditure must take place after the panel decision has been formally announced to successful applications.


Commissions will normally be paid in two instalments:

  • 90% at the start date following confirmation of funding and provision of a detailed budget.
  • 10% on satisfactory completion of the project and the project self-assessment and evaluation.


Applications will be assessed against the following criteria

Artistic Quality

Public Engagement

  • Is the artistic idea clearly described?
  • Is the project adaptable for woodland and town centre settings? 
  • Do the plans indicate that the artistic aims of the project are likely to be achieved?
  • Has the applicant demonstrated that they have a track record of achieving their artistic aims?
  • Does the application demonstrate a commitment to artistic excellence and ambition?
  • Will the activity provide an excellent experience for those that engage with it as audiences, readers or participants?
  • How innovatively does the project reflect any themes of the 2019 commissioning festivals i.e. Changing Landscapes (Lakes Alive), Mind Matter (Arts by the Sea) and Observe, Experiment, Explore (bluedot)?
  • Does the project reflect the relevant scale for the space and fits with the night time festival environment?
  • Has environmental impact been considered in the design of the work?
  • Is there evidence that the activity will involve good quality public engagement?
  • Does the proposed activity engage new participants, readers or audiences?
  • Does the applicant understand who the intended audience / readership for the project are? Do they have a realistic plan for how the work will reach that audience / readership?
  • If the activity is about developing rather than presenting work, the application must demonstrate how the fund will eventually help them to reach an audience or readership for their work.




  • Are the plans to deliver the activity clear and realistic?
  • Does the applicant have demonstrable track record of delivering similar projects or activities?
  • Does the application demonstrate that those involved in the activity have the relevant skills and expertise?
  • Is the timetable for planning and delivery realistic?
  • Does the applicant have a sustainable policy for producing work?
  • Is there evidence of value for money?
  • Is the budget for the activity realistic?
  • Is there a clear and realistic breakdown of income and expenditure?
  • Has the applicant provided payment details?
  • For individual applicants, has s/he provided a reference?  


Project Delivery and Monitoring

Each successful applicant will be expected to provide the panel with a detailed budget and a project plan for how the project will be carried out (including the end date). The budget and project plan will be submitted to the panel by the start date agreed by the applicant and panel. 

In addition, each applicant will be required to submit an interim report on a date agreed with the panel (or panel delegate) and liaise with each festival representative on H&S compliance and production delivery. All successful applicants will be required to submit information and evidence for evaluation of the project and festival.

The panel can offer successful applicants advice and support during the development of the project, adding to the overall learning experience.

Contact & Links: 

Bluedot Festival Open Call for Commissions, with Light Night Leeds

Artistic field:


Bluedot is inviting artists to apply to create one of two new commissions for the festival in 2019. The first commission will be awarded in partnership with Light Night Leeds with artists being expected to create a commission that explores light art and interactivity. Successful artist applicants of both commissioning levels will receive funding, publicity around their commission and support from the festival's production team and Creative Director to realise their idea. This opportunity is open to artists at any level of their career, and anybody residing in the UK is eligible to apply. We welcome proposals from artists who wish to develop an existing work, as well as proposals for new pieces of artwork.

Bluedot festival is committed to promoting equality and diversity across our programme and we actively encourage applications from artists of any ethnicity, gender and irrespective of any disability.

We are particularly interested in light art, digital artwork and installation work that:

  1. Has a sufficient scale and impact in the setting of bluedot festival at Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre and Light Night Leeds.
  2. Is visible at night, as well as during the day as the artwork will be showcased in a predominantly after-hours area.
  3. Encourages interaction and exploration of the work.


Commission Levels

Bluedot festival will be awarding two new commissions in 2019: 

1 x Co-commission with Light Night Leeds / £10 000

1 x Support commission / £5000


Artists are invited to submit proposals until 5pm on 15th April 2019 via an online application form

For more information on how to apply, the commissioning process or any other questions about the commission please contact Amy Grundy. 

Contact & Links: 

Interventions: Cayetano Ferrer


Cayetano Ferrer, Remnant Recomposition, 2014. Casino carpet fragments and seam tape. Installation view, Swiss Institute, 2014. Image courtesy of Swiss Institute.

This site-specific installation reveals the artist’s ongoing investigation into what he calls object prosthetics—the reconstruction of broken remains using a variety of conceptual and technological methods. Ferrer is interested in architectural fragments—as both objects and as ideas. His Composite series of sculpture is made by filling in pieces of marble or stone with digitally printed PVC that acts as a stand-in for what is perceived as “missing.” What results is a reimagining that can be considered both authentic as well as speculative. Hybrid sculptures that represent part fantasy and part elegy, Ferrer’s works provide the viewer ample space to imagine what lies between historical fact and invention.


Interventions: Cayetano Ferrer is presented in SBMA’s historic Ludington Court, the oldest part of the Museum devoted to its important collection of Greco-Roman antiquities. Taking advantage of the empty space—the sculptures are to be moved off site in preparation for SBMA’s forthcoming renovation—Ferrer presents the classical fragments in storage that are rarely displayed in the galleries. These carefully selected objects integrate and interact with work by Ferrer, including Remnant Recomposition (2014), a sprawling floor piece composed of casino carpet remnants.

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