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Dreams, Dice and Divination: Islamic Art and the Supernatural




York Islamic Art Circle

Tuesday 31st January 2017


Bowland Auditorium (University of York)

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Dream manuals, talismanic shirts, horoscopic charts and magico-medicinal bowls testify to the changing roles of divinatory practices within Islamic traditions from the medieval period to the present day. Despite critical attitudes and bans, in fact, various techniques to foretell the future and influence daily events were used by elites and ordinary people alike in order to address all sort of concerns. Dreams, Dice and Divination: Islamic Art and the Supernatural will explore the themes and debates surrounding these common yet controversial arts through the lens of art and material culture.

Francesa Leoni is the Yousef Jamrel curator of Islamic Art at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. Francesa is the curator of their current exhibition "Power and Protection:IslamicArt and the Supernatural" showing until 20th January 2017.

Exhibition: ABSTRACTED MYTHOLOGIES, 5th Base Gallery, Whitechapel




ABSTRACTED MYTHOLOGIES - Transposing Cultural Memory into the Visual Present

Curated by: Michael Delacruz
5th Base Gallery, London

23 Heneage Street
London E1 5LJ
United Kingdom
December 29th - December 31st

Opening: December 29th 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

The term 'cultural hegemony' has often been used to describe the assimilation into, or displacement by, one system of cultural reference by another. From antiquity to the present day, closer observation reveals less a contest of competing narratives and mythologies than a layering of symbol systemsthrough a process of interaction and dialogue. Abstracted Mythologies aims to replicate this process of transcultural synthesis through staging a similar dialogue of multiple cultural perspectives through the medium of visual art, exploring not only the interactions between foundational systems of reference but also highlightingdiffering modes of visual transposition, ranging from the non-objective to allusive figuration.

Engaging artists active throughout Europe and beyond, the initial exhibition will take place at the 5th Base Gallery, Whitechapel,London inWinter 2016 with planned follow-on exhibitions in Copenhagen, Athens, and New York.

CFS Alumni Shows: Sam Reynolds and Jasmine Lee



Sam Reynolds (Samuel R) is an award-winning entertainer fusing forms from lip-sync to striptease and creating theatrical and accessible work which is playful, provocative, and direct. He has closedLatitude Festival's Cabaret Arena as part ofDuckie's headline show, performed inMiss Behave's Gameshow at theLondon WondergroundandDarwin Festival, and won Striptease Artist of the Year at theSexual Freedom Awards.

Sam will be debuting new work which may or may not include a genderfuck strip, Filipino rap mime, and a double act with Jasmine.

Jasmine Leepresents 'Praying Mantis Forever':

'What does it look like to pray forever?
I'm not sure what was written in that letter
Kept close in ashes
Where should the teeth go when grandmother dies
Back to the earth
To the house of growth'

Jasmine Lee is an interdisciplinary artist interested in camouflage, ritual and memory. Her work is intimate and trans-formative, often with an element of interaction. She has performed at various venues and festivals such asGlastonbury Festival, Latitude, andSomerset House. 'Praying Mantis Forever' is a new piece in progress where a daughter is sacrificed in tribute to three generations of women.

DJScarlett Lassoffwill also take to the post-show decks and play pop, K-Pop, J-Pop, hip-hop and more!

Doors 7pm | Show 8pm | Afterparty 9pm | 5

Carneskys Finshing School is proud to name some of the UKs most exciting emerging and established artists in its Alumni. At CFS Soho we are providing a platform for their bold new work every Tuesday throughout our Soho residency. Until January 2017,#CFSSohois an alternative stage school, exhibition space and cabaret venue in the heart of Soho. Run byCarnesky Productionsin conjunction with Associate ArtistJohn Lee Birdand Bethnal Green Working Men's Club.

CFS Soho is supported byCRYING OUT LOUD, Soho Estates andArts Council England.

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Talk, talk, that's all you can do, with Mounira Al Solh




Open from 14 December
Private view Thursday, 15 December, 6-8pm

waterside contemporaryis pleased to presentTalk, talk, that's all you can do, with Mounira Al Solh, Oreet Ashery, Ivn Argote, Nick Hornby, Nria Gell, Nicoline van Harskamp, and Marianna Christofides.

TheMultilingual Parrotis a character in a series of anecdotes and semi-fictions IWant to Be a PartybyMounira Al Solh. The valuable bird, conversant in no fever than seven languages, was put up for sale by the artist's uncle in 1958, to help the family survive through the tensions which rocked Lebanon in the 1950s and '60s. Al Solh uses a collection of paraphernalia - heirlooms, cars, musical instruments - to gather subjective memories of a familial histories and the intertwined political events.

Al Solh's work, using video, painting, embroidery and performative gestures, brings together biography and history: the individual's experience becomes a key to speculating on wider social realities. An inherent tension plays itself out with humour, visible vulnerability, and self-knowing irony - an approach which allows the artist to take on complex and delicate issues such as nationalism or gender, putting herself, her friends and family directly on the line.

Collective Matter: Make & Tell




15 DEC 16


Come and meetCollective Matterand find out more about theirproject; an opportunity to tell your stories and connect with others in your community, through conversation and making.

Play with clay and tell us what you know and how you feel about your local area.

Open to 14-25 year olds.

AmIaSinger: 6 week workshop for non-professional singers



We would like to invite everyone who would like to be part of singing workshop. During 6 week workshop we invite various singing practitioners and teachers from various music styles to inspire our participants express themselves creatively through song.

Each session a guest will be invited to lead, we have recently approached blues, folk, classic & gospel. We will continue to discover many more. Towards the end of the sessions we will decide to create a performance with influences from the previous weeks. Friends and family and anyone you feel may benefit are invited. We will decide on a group or solo performance (likely mixed) live and / or recorded your choice.

If this workshop interests you, please book your place via our website

Our new term starts from 14th of January, biweekly, from 12 to 2pm

The cost for 6 weeks - 50

Location: Bethnal Green

We hope to see you soon!


Agne & Gareth


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