Open Call for Guest Room: Sarah Johanna Theurer



Guest Room aims to spark collaboration. Sarah Johanna Theurer, curator at Haus der Kunst in Munich, has decided to collaborate with the art director & design strategist Clemens Jahn.

The two have developed the following framework for your submissions: "Living Spaces”.

The escalating climate crisis, rapid inflation, mass migration, and unrestrained technologism keep transforming our natural, social, and economic environments. Solastalgia, the grief about the destruction or massive transformation of one’s living space, has become a common experience for many human beings. What are the living spaces we inhabit today, and which new ones can we – or do we have to – create?

Prize Summary: 
Online Showcase
Prizes Details: 
  • Be discovered by two experts in contemporary art and photography
  • Get published in an online showcase on Der Greif alongside emerging artists from all over the world
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