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Poet Laureate - Call for Artists





The City of El Segundo ("City”) Cultural Development Program ("ESCDP” or “Program”) seeks applications from interested and qualified Artists to provide literary art services for its Poet Laureate initiative. The Artist selected through this competitive selection process would become El Segundo’s Poet Laureate.


Superpresent Magazine - Winter Issue (Vol.2, No.1) is seeking submission for its Winter Issue.  The theme for the issue is Intimacy and Estrangement. 

Volume 2 Issue 2, Summer 2021

Flora Fiction is looking for artists, writers, poets, photographers, illustrators, and others to be featured for Volume 2 Issue 2, Summer 2021 online literary magazine set to release the first day of Summer on June 20th, 2021.

We’re inspired by you and would love to see what you have to offer. Please check out our previous issues for reference to work we’ve published. If your style and content fits with us, send away!

Submissions are open through May 31st, 2021.

All entries will be notified by June 8th, 2021.

Theme: Freedom

Indigenous Arts | Writing Over Here: Open Rezidency ONLINE


Write Over Here: Open Rezidency is a three week online self-directed residency, where self-motivated writers are invited to work within their community to engage with faculty to support their practice.  Participants will meet with the faculty team via Zoom for weekly gathering where they cohort will come together to connect, share readings, and have deeper discussions on their process. 

Throughout the residency, faculty will offer one-on-one meetings, as well as workshops that explore different writing practices. Writers will have the opportunity to engage with faculty throughout their time as needed and scheduled, and are encouraged to connect with their peers, as well as continue to engage in their independent writing practice on and offline.

Kinship Medicines | Indigenous Arts Program


Kinship Medicines is a thematic residency for queer, trans, and two-spirited Indigenous writers and visual artists who are enacting kinship ethics in their practices, particularly around discussions of gender, sex, and the queer-trans Indigenous futures movement.

This residency focuses on the discursive spark shared between queer, trans, and two spirited Indigenous visual artists and writers by focusing on conversation, collaboration, and building creative kinship between a cohort of writers who think alongside artists, whether it be through curatorial writing or literary form,  and a cohort of studio artists. 

Spring Writers Retreat 2020


The Spring Writers Retreat is a self-directed program that offers time and space for writers to retreat, reconnect, and re-energize their writing practice. In addition to a single room, which doubles as your private studio, you will be surrounded by a community of artistic peers. You will have the opportunity to attend inspiring talks and performances and meet with guest faculty to consult on your work.

What does the program offer?


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