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Exhibition Opening: Sebastian Kite: We will meet in the place where there is no darkness




South Kiosk is delighted to present the exhibition opening of 'We will meet in the place where there is no darkness' 

A site-specific installation and performance exploring the relationship between space, light and sound by practicing artist and architect Sebastian Kite.

Preview: 9 Feb, 6-9pm
Exhibition: 10 Feb - 4 Mar 2017
Nearest station: Peckham Rye

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In George Orwell’s dystopian classic 1984, the author makes reference to a place where there is no darkness. A place, our lead protagonist Winston Smith believes to be free from the oppression of the totalitarian state under which he lives. Deceived to visit this place by the state Police, Smith instead finds himself under the glaring lights of an interrogation cell, permanently lit to aid his state of torture. 

For 'We will meet in the place where there is no darkness' artist Sebastian Kite has created a site-specific installation exploring the relationship between space, light and sound. Constructed as a pavilion within the gallery space, Kite’s work references back to Orwell’s interrogation room using light as a material to create an ever-evolving space. Constructed from a series of half-toned panels that suggest static or white noise, the space is further cut through it’s horizontal with a two-way mirror referencing the voyeurism, narcissism and sublimity at the heart of the interrogation process. Spatialised sound further acts to reinforce the dynamic while also dividing the space into four distinct areas.

Introduced into this space, a dancer acts as a protagonist, with each performance redefining the relationship between the architecture and the audio-visual score and composition. Held once a week live in the space, performances create a generative interplay of media creating an ever-evolving space over the lifetime of the exhibition.

Sebastian Kite (b. 1986) is an installation artist and architect based in London. Kite creates experiential environments to choreograph the sensory engagement of people with architectural spaces. His practice lies at the intersection of art and architecture, with a particular focus on site-specificity. Beginning with an analysis of the site, Kite's installations use structure, kinetics, light, performance, projection and sound as strategies to illustrate new readings of spaces.

Chelsea Untitled Artists Fair




London Chelsea Untitled Artist Fair: Work represented by The Stowaway Gallery

Friday 3rd June - 5.3Opm - 9pm - Private View [Invitation Only]
Saturday 4th June - 1Oam - 7pm - Free Public Acces
Sunday 5th June - 11am - 5pm - Free Public Access

Iconic Lucinda Rogers drawings to be exhibited at L'escargot restaurant



Restaurant Drawings Historic and Contemporary

On the 7th of June 2016 artist Lucinda Rogers will showcase her most important restaurant and food drawings, many commissioned by Britain’s leading newspapers and magazines between 1993 and 2016.

The iconic drawings will be hung on the walls of London’s most emblematic French restaurant, L’Escargot. The showcase will include pieces drawn for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s column for The Telegraph “A Matter of Taste”, which from 1996-2000 featured some of the most notable restaurants in London; Petrus, Marco Pierre White’s Belvedere and The Square.

The exhibition will give guests a snapshot of the 90’s restaurant scene where nouvelle cuisine gave way to the rise of the British chef patron, highlighting some of the top restaurants in Britain. Bringing the subject into the present, to celebrate Soho’s thriving restaurant scene, the show will include new drawings of iconic and enduring Soho venues:  L’Escargot, Bar Italia, Maison Bertaux and others.


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