"Favourit" - Artist Book by SU4IP

Interested in having your art published, printed, and posted directly to your doorstep? Participate alongside a broad range of incredible artists, all underpinned by this iteration's theme: "Favourit"SU4IP welcomes artists and their creations to feature in the seventh installment of the Artist Book by SU4IP series. Send in your favourite works, (created by you!) to be showcased alongside other fantastic artists. All art in any medium related to this theme is welcome!

Expressive Nature | Call For Photography

We invite photographers to submit to our open call, Expressive Nature. This call for photography seeks to delve into the emotional and artistic resonance of the natural world as seen through the artist's lens.

Photographers are encouraged to challenge the viewer's perception of nature with organic shapes, showcase the dynamic interplay between light and shadow, or capture moments of stillness that evoke deep emotion. Celebrate the beauty and expressive power of nature through your photography.

Explore and interpret the natural surroundings uniquely, showcasing your ability to capture its emotional essence. We welcome submissions in any style, including abstract, experimental, black and white, and documentary.

CALL FOR ART - Women United ART MAGAZINE | Issue VIII Summer 2024

Women United ART MAGAZINE is excited to announce a call for artists for Issue VIII | Summer 2024, curated by Charuka Arora, the founder of Arts To Hearts Project.


Women United ART MAGAZINE stands tall as an international quarterly print and digital publication dedicated to showcasing the brilliance of women in the arts, highlighting extraordinary creatives, inspiring industry leaders and remarkable art organizations.


Selected artists will be able to review their pages before printing. All artists who submit their work will receive a free digital version of the publication.


About Charuka Arora, the guest curator

Summer Issue

ollect Art is looking for writers and artists, working in different media, such as painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, contemporary jewelry, textile, installation, illustration, mixed media, photography, collage, digital art, poems & short stories.  

Eligibility: Open to all nationalities and any aged 18 and above.

There is no theme for the Summer Issue.

Open Call for exhibition, magazine feature and interview, theme: NUDE

Open Call for Art: Theme NUDE

Since IG has been censoring sensual art, downscaling artists, or deleting their content, we want to counteract by our open call “NUDE”. Show us your nude artworks and we will promote them in our next virtual exhibition, magazine, art blog and more! Nudity in art should not be censored or banned!

The exhibition will run for at least one month

Deadline June 30

Extensive promotion via our channels (social media, newsletter)

You can win: 1st prize: solo exhibition, 2nd prize: group exhibition

You can combine the virtual exhibition with a magazine feature and an interview! (please find all options on our website)

Invisible Threads | Call For Photography

Invisible Threads seeks to explore the unseen connections that shape our lives. This open call invites art photographers to submit works that capture the elusive, often overlooked ties that bind the physical to the emotional, the individual to the collective, and the mundane to the extraordinary. Whether it's the subtle interplay of light and shadow that connects time and memory, the complex relationship between environment and identity, or the hidden networks within urban or natural landscapes, we're looking for images that reveal the underlying structures that influence our perceptions and experiences. All photographic techniques and styles are welcome; creativity and interpretation of the theme are highly encouraged.


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