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Attn: ANIME ARTISTS -- Dirty.Finance x Arielle Raycene Announce Announce "Make Me Anime" Contest | Paid Contract + Celebrity Minted NFTs




We are looking to hire artists with Digital Experience to create 6 custom ANIME STYLE DIGITAL DRAWINGS for a Celebrity Client's NFT Collection.   Please provide samples of your work.  If possible to provide a sample of one of the below photos rendered in your best Anime style.  

NOTE:  Only the posts with the top 10 MOST UPVOTES ON REDDIT URL and COMMENTS ON TELEGRAM will be considered for Hire by Celebrity Client.  Feel free to promote your photo for consideration as you see fit.

Deadline for Submissions is Sunday, July 20th at 5PM Pacific Standard Time.   

The Artist will be hired by contract, and announced shortly after.  

Thank you and we look forward to your submissions!

Prize summary: 
Paid Anime Contract, $500 in Prizes + Art Minted as Exclusive Celebrity NFTs
Prizes Details: 

Win Up to $400 in Cash / Coin Prizes, and an Exclusive Set of the NFTs

Showcase Your Work Directly for Magazine and Anime Publishers 

Showcase Your Work for Celebrities

New Contests Announced Regularly


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International Kuni-umi Manga World Cup




An international competition aimed at selecting outstanding manga & artistic works related to traditional Japanese stories and mythology, with a focus on the topic of Awaji Island. Artists from every country are invited to participate and show off their creative talents!

Participants in the competition can be selected for an award in the following categories:

Category 1: Awaji Island & Japan Heritage
General Award
Create a work which is focused on the Japanese heritage location, Awaji Island and its associated themes including the ‘Legend of Kuni-umi (from the                                        Kojiki)’ ‘Miketsukuni,’ ‘Ama,’ among others.

Hajimari no Shima Award
Create a work which is focused on the Awaji Island-themed RPG game Hajimari no Shima (soon to be released this year by the Japan Heritage Awaji Island Committee)

Category 2: Kojiki Nihonshoki Manyoshu Award
Create a work which is focused on regional traditions, stories, legends, and themes related to the ancient Japanese texts Kojiki, Nihonshoki, and Manyoshu.

Follow the link below to submit your manga work:


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Coming in January - Pop Japan: An Exhibition by Sonoko Obuchi


Sonoko Obuchi has been living in London for the last 16 years. During that time many things have happened. She studied, graduated, worked, got married, had children. She witnessed the 7/7 London bombings, the 2012 Olympics, the Brexit vote and, most significantly, the arrival of proper Tonkotsu Ramen noodle restaurants from her home town Hakata!

Given her Japanese background, her life established in London and the turmoil of recent times Sonoko finds herself in the grip of an identity crisis. You the viewer can join her on an emotional trip as she searches for an understanding of who she has become and what it means to live as a Japanese artist in this marvellous cosmopolitan city, London.

Pop means popular culture & Pop Art in general. But when Sonoko entitled her exhibition "Pop Japan", it felt like a bubble of Japanese-ness bursting and a new energy began pouring forth.

She wants to express this feeling through her speciality: Manga graphics, photography, 3D work and film.

Sonoko is very excited to show her latest collection in the Dugdale Centre, a cultural centre for the artistic community in Enfield and all London.

Monday 16 January Saturday 11 February

Free Entry

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