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Nabi 2022 East meets East Open Call

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Art Center Nabi is pleased to resume its international open call on art, technology and society.

Art Center Nabi has been at the forefront of the media art scene, discovering emerging artists through various programs such as residencies, hackathons, conferences, and exhibitions. Art Center Nabi also works with artists from diverse cultural backgrounds to create platforms that examine and confer creative and aesthetic potentials of the convergence between art, technology and society.

As a part of such endeavors, Art Center Nabi now launches the long-term hybrid research project East meets East (EmE) that proposes critical perspectives on technology-based art, history, society, culture, media, and philosophy. Setting sail towards the ‘East’ where the sun rises and the future arrives, EmE envisions the coming together of ‘We’ and our Han Ma Eum (한마음, Planetary Mind). We look forward to wide participation from artists, creators, and researchers around the world.

Director’s Letter

When a baby crawls towards the well, you jump to rescue regardless of whether it’s your child or not. Mencius called this compassion and established Confucianism based on such sentiments. Feeling the pains of others is surely not exclusive to Mencius’ time. Right at this moment, countless volunteer troops and workers are putting their lives in danger in Ukraine to rescue their neighbors in plight.

On the other hand, humanity has never been more isolated. The US Surgeon General has warned against loneliness as the biggest health hazard of the 21st Century, while many governments now characterize loneliness as a serious social pathology. The COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated such isolation and loneliness. Not only are individuals imprisoned in personal media, but they are also constantly bewildered by endless, affordable audiovisual content to watch and enjoy. Each sitting in our silo, we have entered a new life as fragmented selves.

However, an interesting fact emerges as digital selves floating apart from reality are being constructed: everyone seems to pursue a sense of ‘we’, or community. Community is sought in different ways, some of them in sole pursuit of money and profitability, others based on cultural codes. I believe the interaction between human wants and needs would eventually decide which of the Web3 community will survive amongst the flooding number of them. Considering this, Art Center Nabi would like to propose the following hypothesis:

Technological development can encourage Han Ma Eum (한마음; Planetary Mind), the instinct to support neighbors in plight and to share happiness and sadness with one another.

Here, we propose Han Ma Eum as a total and ultimate consciousness. When we escape from the perceptive boundaries of being an individual, we will then be able to find ourselves interconnected as one and envision Han Ma Eum, the encompassing mind beyond planetary consciousness.

Art Center Nabi is not an academic organization but a collective of practitioners. We send out this call to realize our hypothesis above, which is our hope. It is an invitation to create with you.



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  • Artwork: Audiovisuals, Interactive Installations, Performances utilizing techAR, VR, XR, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Blockchain, etc.
  • Design: HCI, BCI, Neuroscience and Cognitive Science-related, AI, Physical Computing related work
  • Writing: Poetry, Prose, Essays, SF shorts, Research paper, etc.

Theme: Envisioning Han Ma Eum (한마음; Planetary Mind) and various forms of ‘we’ who think and act together


  1. Production Cost (varies by genre)
  • Writing and Design (HCI-based thinking process: max. 3,000,000 KRW (approx. 2,400 USD)
  • Media Artwork: max. 10,000,000 KRW (approx. 8,000 USD)
  1. Opportunity for a showcase and an artist talk

Program Schedule

  • Production: July 6th - September 1st
  • Online Showcase: September 9th (Fri) TBD


  • Open Call: June 14th (Mon) - July 3rd (Sun), 2022
  • Application Review: July 4th (Mon) - July 6th (Wed), 2022
  • For interviews, applicants will be contacted individually when necessary.
  • Results will be posted on our website ( and only selected applicants will be notified.

Applications and inquiries to:

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Prize Summary: 
Production support up to 8,o00 USD, Opportunity for showcase and an artist talk
Prizes Details: 

Online showcase will take place at EmE Conference (London, KCCUK) in September 2022. Networking party, workshop, and critique will also take place during the producti

Online / London

Entry Fee:

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【 Open Call 】The International Projection Mapping Competition in Tokyo!





An international competition that competes for the best in the world with projection mapping video from 1 min to 1 min 59 sec, "1minute Projection Mapping Competition" will be held in December 2021. This time, it will be held at "Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery" in Tokyo! The theme for the competition is "希望 / HOPE", and the grand prize is 2 million yen.
Currently accepting entries!
The entry deadline is Aug 25th, 2021.

More information of the application can be seen in this website:

This event has been popular to be enjoyed by the general public, and with online streaming, it will be enjoyed by people all over the world. Every year, a wide variety of works are gathered from all over the world. No other unique and large-scale festival competes for short mapping works that maximize the individuality of each creator. This will have the best environment in Tokyo with amazing video projection equipment and surrounding to be set up. Hence, your work will be projected under the best conditions!

In this times of facing various hardships, the expression of creators will support hope for the future.
Join us to deliver the light of hope and challenge to be the best in the world.
We are looking forward to many applications!

<1minute Projection Mapping Official Website>
* The date and time and holding method may change depending on the Covid situation.

Prize Summary: 
Grand Prize : 2million yen
Prizes Details: 

Grand Prize: 2 million yen, trophy, supplementary prize, invited as guest creator for the next competition.
Second Prize: 500k yen, trophy, supplementary prize
Jury Prize: 200k yen, trophy, supplementary prize
Organizer Award: 100k yen, trophy, supplementary prize
Audience Award: 100k yen, trophy, supplementary prize


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
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Call for Entries - 25th Japan Media Arts Festival







The Japan Media Arts Festival Executive Committee is now accepting entries for the 25th Japan Media Arts Festival. All artists around the world, without distinction as to professional, amateur, independent, or commercial, are invited to submit their works. Eligible works are completed or released within a year before the deadline (September 5, 2020 – September 3, 2021).
From each division, the jury committee will select winners of the Grand Prizes, Excellence Awards, Social Impact Award, New Face Awards, and U-18 Award. All awards including Special Achievement Awards and Jury Selections will be announced in March 2022. Each of the winners from the four divisions will receive a trophy and prize money up to 1,000,000 yen, and also win an opportunity to present their works at the Exhibition of Award-winning Works in Tokyo.
In addition to the four divisions: Art, Entertainment, Animation, and Manga, there will be an open call for Festival Platform Award, which is an award given to brilliant new exhibition plan that utilize the characteristics of its facilities of organizations in liaison with the Japan Media Arts Festival.

[Art, Entertainment, Animation, Manga Divisions, and Festival Platform Award]
■ Entry Period: July 1, 2021 – September 3, 2021 (18:00 Japan Standard Time)
■ Awards: Grand Prize, Excellence Awards, Social Impact Award, New Face Awards, and U-18 Award

Entries must be submitted online. Submission of entries is free of charge.
Entry site:
For additional information, visit the website:

Prizes Details: 

Grand Prize: Certificate, trophy, 1,000,000 Japanese Yen

Excellence Award: Certificate, trophy, 500,000 Japanese Yen

Social Impact Award: Certificate, trophy, 500,000 Japanese Yen
* This award will be given to the work that has been implemented in society and brought impact and change in the states of media technologies and attitudes of people.

New Face Award: Certificate, trophy, 300,000 Japanese Yen

U-18 Award: Certificate, Extra prize
* Eligibility: Those born on or after April 2, 2004.


Entry Fee:

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CALL_ subnetAIR – September 2021 in Hallein






Apply to be a subnetAIR 2021.
Period from September 1 to October 5, 2021 in Hallein. Application-Deadline is June 20s 2021 and Schmiede Participation is a prerequisite.

In 2021, the elimination of a subnetAIR unit at the beginning of the year
at the TEI conference, will allow us to offer an additional subnetAIR residency. The current situation makes travel unpredictable and prevents the usual close collaboration with researchers at the Center for Human-Computer Interaction. Therefore, subnet will also cooperate with Schmiede Hallein in 2021 and work in the Saline in Hallein on the Pernerinsel instead of in Salzburg. The Center for HCI will support us as far as possible with advice, action and technology. The Saline will be available as a working studio from September 1 to October 5. The exact layout of the space will be in consultation and in consideration of the realities of the forge.

Schmiede21: WAR will take place from September 22 to October 2, 2021. An application to Schmiede is required. The application is already online. Reference to subnetAIR submission in the SchmiedeApplication is useful.

Key data:
x € 1,000 for at least 3 weeks in Hallein
x Possible period: September 1st to October 5th
x Work room in the saline
x Schmiede21: WAR September 22 to October 2, 2021
x The Center for HCI is optionally available with know-how for projects with a focus on physical computing, hardware hacking and tinkering.
x Travel, accommodation and meals are to be carried autonomously.

Contact & Links: 

2020 NCM OPEN CALL V Reality





01 Overview
Contest Title : 2020 NCM OPEN CALL V Reality
Organizer : Nexon Computer Museum
Cooperator : SK Telecom

02 Applicant Qualifications
Any person or group that creates XR contents, such as VR, AR or MR

03 Field and theme
No limitation on platform, genre or theme
(Every field such as game, video, media art which contain VR, AR, MR contents)

04 Judging Standard
Quality of work and level of completion will be evaluated by overall planning, design and technical development.
SK Telecom's VR and AR experts will participate in the evaluating process.

05 Period of Application
1st July (Wed), 2020 – 15th September (Tue), 2020

06 Winner Announcement
10th November (Tue), 2020
* Award ceremony schedule would be further noticed via website

07 Terms and Conditions
- All Documents or items will not be returned when once submitted.
- The copyright of the entry and all rights and responsibilities thereof shall be borne by the applicant (creator).
- In such case of:
1) Infringement of intellectual property rights of others by plagiarism or duplication
2) False information written in documents such as an application form
3) Submitted work concerned as defaming others
4) Possibility of breaching the law, the work can be excluded from the screening or the winner and the prize can be revoked even after winning the award.
- Awarded projects can be used as promotional materials and posted on the organizer's website without additional consent procedures.
- The organizer has the obligation to observe the confidentiality and security measures of the entry, and it is possible to disclose and share the entry only with the consent of the applicant.
-The music used in video production must be a sound source that is not in violation of copyright, and may be excluded from the awards when copyright infringement is concerned.
- The prize money will be paid to the representative applicant in a lump sum, and the recipients of prizes are solely responsible for paying any and all applicable taxes related to the prizes.
- Above terms and conditions can be adjusted depending on the circumstances.

Prize Summary: 
Total 22 million KRW
Prizes Details: 

05 Prize & Award
Total 22 million KRW
- Grand Award (1) : 10 million KRW
- SK Telecom Special Award (1) : 5 million KRW
- Best Award (1) : 5 million KRW
- Excellence Award (2) : 1 million KRW


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 
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