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Major Jenkins Apts Art Project







Project Overview

Architreasures, an arts-based community development organization, along with our partner Mercy Housing, a comprehensive affordable housing provider, is seeking an artist(s) to develop interior artwork for the Major Jenkins Apartments, a supportive housing residence for individuals who have experienced or are at risk for homelessness. The Major Jenkins Apartments is located in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood at 5012 N. Winthrop.

The overall goals of the Major Jenkins Art Project are to:

Create visually compelling and uplifting artwork that enlivens two common areas as part of the building’s renovation.

Incorporate a community informed practice in the development of the artwork with designs that connect with the experiences, needs, and interests of the building’s predominantly African American residents.

Collaborate with Mercy Housing to involve staff and residents in the refinement of design concept.

The selected artist(s) will design and produce artwork for 1 or 2 wall spaces within Major Jenkins located in the building’s front entryway and a community room. The artist fee for the project is $2,500-4,000 for the entryway (@50 sq/ft) and $5,000-8,000 (@105 sq/ft) for the community room, to be determined based on design proposal. Material and production expenses for the project will be established with Architreasures upon approval of final selected designs.

Project Timeline

May                   Shortlist of artists provided $500 stipend to develop initial design concepts

Jun                     Artist(s) selected after presentation and interviews with project committee

Jul-Aug              Artist(s) develops and refines artwork design with community engagement

Sept-Nov          Artwork production and fabrication

Dec                 Artwork installation

Artist Profile

The project seeks creative professionals with experience producing artwork for interior spaces through a community- engaged process. Artists may incorporate one or more visual art mediums (i.e., paint, graphic design, photography, metal, wood, glass, fabric etc.) into their practice and must have experience working within neighborhood community settings. Artists of color working in mixed media are strongly encouraged to apply.

To Apply

Email the following to hr@architreasures.org by May 21, 2021.

A CV/ resume that includes educational background, professional training, community engagement experience, and other pertinent qualifications.

Links to images and / or portfolio that demonstrates your work and practice.

A statement of no more than 1 page outlining your interest in the project.

For more info. about Architreasures visit www.architreasures.org

Prize summary: 
Prizes Details: 

The artist fee for the project is $2,500-4,000 for the entryway (@50 sq/ft) and $5,000-8,000 (@105 sq/ft) for the community room, to be determined based on design proposal. Material and production expenses for the project will be established with Architreasures upon approval of final selected designs.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Post-Rustbelt: Living Between America




Post-Rustbelt: Living Between America seeks to capture the artistic experience of life in "Middle America" during the decades following the decline of industry (mid 1970's) to the turn of the Millennium. These rustbelt states are most often thought to include New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. 

We are seeking artwork representative of, but not limited to: industry decline, the disappeance of main street (and subsequent rise of hyper consumerism), general life (artistic, social, work, family, otherwise) caught between changes (i.e. holding onto a past way of life while searching for new identity), and/or juxtaposition of old and new.

Although regional in the nature of the content, the show is open to national artists who may have migrated away from the rustbelt, as this exodus is also an important aspect of the the Post-Rustbelt experience.   
Post-Rustbelt is Part One of a two-part series of  shows taking place in April/May 2021 at Vestige Concept Gallery, a new venture in the heart of Pittsburgh's most vibrant arts and entertainment neighborhood: Lawrenceville. Each of the shows will also appear in an online gallery format. 
Post-Rustbelt: Living Between America in-person opening reception will be held Saturday, April 3rd, at 6 PM.


Post-Rustbelt is open to any artists over age 18, within the United States and Canada.

Work could have been created in any year, and ideally should express the exhibition theme.

Work must not have been previously displayed in a Vestige Concept Gallery exhibit.

No Glicees will be accepted.


Entries and fees will be processed through www.callforentry.org

Applicants may submit up to 2 entries. These two entries are included in the $25 application fee.

An additional charge of $5 per entry is charged for any additional submissions, up to 6 total.

Application deadline is March 18, 2021

Artists will be notified of acceptance by March 20, 2021

Shipped works of art must arrive no later than March 31st, 2021, no exception.


Artists accepted into the show must send an email confirmation upon acceptance, plus provide a high resolution 300 dpi image of the accepted piece(s) along with an artist pic, short bio, and web/social links (if applicable).  These items are neccessary for the Online version of the show.  By submitting this information, you provide Vestige Concept Gallery all rights to post the work on their gallery website and within a paper brochure for the event.  (Please also see our legal agreement for use of images and other material for promotional purposes)

Accepted artwork must be the actual artwork as seen in the submitted images. No substitutions.  Vestige Concept Gallery reserves the right to pull any artwork that differs from the images in the accepted submission.  Any Glicees will automatically be pulled from the show.

Accepted artwork listed for sale must be for the price listed in the submission. No price changes.

Vestige Concept Gallery will retain a 20% commission for any artwork sold. 

Artists are responsible for shipping & optional shipping insurance to and from Vestige Concept Gallery. A prepaid return shipping label must be included. Fedex or UPS only. No cash or checks.

Shipped work must be sent in reusable, sturdy boxes and marked with your name. No loose peanuts. Artwork framed with glass is the responsibility of the artist and is not recommended.  Artwork with glass that arrives in broken condition may be pulled from the event if artist is unable to remedy the issue.

Late or damaged work will not be exhibited.

Art damaged in transit is soley the responsibility of the artist and shipper.  Artwork may also be hand-delivered.  

Wall pieces MUST be securely wired, framed, and properly prepared for display.

2D Work must not exceed 33 lbs.  3D work or audio/video must be available to discuss the "display" with gallery member, if selected.  3D artists may wish to inquire with the gallery first.


MARCH 18    Application deadline.
On or before MARCH 20    Acceptance notification
MARCH 31    Deadline for shipped or dropped-off work
APRIL 3    Opening Reception
APRIL 4    "Safe" Walkthru Day
APRIL-  normal business hours
APRIL 28   Show closes
APRIL 29-30   Unsold artwork is packaged and shipped back

Any questions please reach out to:  contact@vestigegallery.com

Event listing artwork shown above:  "Mudville", courtesy of artist Robert Sands, 2019.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Contact & Links: 

Call for artists: Expanded Drawing



The Concept

AIR Gallery, Altrincham, invites establishing and emerging artists of all disciplines to consider and submit artworks centered around what drawing is today. 

Drawing has always been used as a tool to slow down and observe. Challenging the pre-conceptions of a drawing in contemporary art. Everything has to begin somewhere and even with a mark, can drawing expand out both physically between and across mediums? Is drawing more than just marks on a page? Is the act/action of drawing just as important? How can we expand the notions of drawing through painting, sculpture, performance and social contexts? 


We are looking for drawing based practices or works that center around these questions. Considering the ideas of Expanding drawing, what can and cannot be a drawing today in both 2D and 3D contexts. The show aims to entice conversation and narrative of drawing on and off the page in creative and imaginative ideas into the gallery space where the space between thoughts and the physical gesture question drawings role today. 


Artists can enter any medium for this open call; however please read the following:

  • This open call is only open to UK Artists
  • Any works entered must have been made in the last three years
  • We will accept proposals for work but you must show us examples of previous work so we can assess the feasibility and your ability to deliver
  • All works must relate to drawing in some way. You will be required to explain this during your entry form.
  • All works must be an expansion of drawing in some way; whether a cross-over with another medium (sculpture, performance, narratives around drawing etc.) or be an expansion on drawing in it’s own right. 
  • Any work entered must be available for the exhibition. We will not accept replacements if works have sold before selection.
  • Any images entered of work must be clear and high quality.
  • We want works with a clear concept behind them.
  • Up to 5 works per artist can be entered
Prizes Details: 

No prizes available but we will be seeking funding for artists


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Digital, Mixed Media, or Collage




This exhibition is to any artist creating works in Mixed Media, Collage and Digital Art.

Any and all themes will be considered.

All local, national and international artists, professional and amateur are encouraged to submit their artwork for this art exhibition.

About Las Laguna Gallery

Las Laguna Gallery is a contemporary and fine art gallery that features art from a diverse group of artists, representing a variety of mediums. Las Laguna Gallery is dedicated to the exploration and engagement of contemporary and fine art visual culture through unique collaborations between artists, students, and the community. They make it a point to curate artwork that is interesting and engaging to the art collector, lover, and novice.

Las Laguna Gallery is located on Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna Village, an artist alcove situated on the cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. This location is a must stop location with artist galleries and jewelry shops. The location features a restaurant, bar, and live music in the fire-side theatre Tuesday through Saturday.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
$35 for up to 3 images
Contact & Links: 

KLATCH 2.0 Residency




Shift is pleased to support Klatch in their upcoming curatorial residency.

In their time at Shift, Klatch will be developing their own practices alongside developing curatorial skills and building relationships with other artists.

Klatch is extending an invitation to artists working within the Cardiff/South Wales area to take part in a 2 week residency with the collective in SHIFT Cardiff.

This is not an invitation to be part of our collective, just to join us in a residency.

Deadline: 4PM, 29.07.19

Residency: 05.08.19 - 18.08.19

Closing Event: 16.18.19


Klatch was initially formed with the aim of celebrating our own distinctive approaches to
contemporary painting through curation that prompts critical discussion about what it means to
be a painter today. Our residency at Shift will offer other artists’ the opportunity to engage,
discuss, provoke and challenge each other within a shared space; a place to network, develop
practices’ in response to others, and to gain an understanding of working within an
interdisciplinary environment. We are welcoming artists from all disciplines to explore their
practice through sharing work with others, allowing others to experience in-progress/completed
works, and exploring contemporary practices through curation.
Within this residency, we aim to explore how each of our practices relate to each other and reveal
the different relationships that exist between contemporary practices. The space will be ever-
evolving as the artists participating in the residency will be collaborating together, and over the
course of the two weeks we will be inviting the public to join us for discussion.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
No Fee
Contact & Links: 

Open Call





Phoenix Athens and Villa Exarchia are now open for residency submissions. Artists working with the medium of sculpture, painting, installation art, performance art and multimedia art are welcomed to apply.

Residency period: 2 weeks- 2 months

Starting: October

Where: Phoenix Athens is located in the centre of Athens, Greece

Apply: Please forward your cv alongside your proposal and a short portfolio. This could be in a pdf format or through online presence (website, instagram).


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