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Submit your work to be featured in the next issue of our magazine, Modern Renaissance, where you’ll find crowdsourced art and writing, editorials, articles, interviews, features, event coverage, and more in THE LATEST TOPICS AND TRENDS IN GLOBAL ARTS WORLD! Be featured alongside editorials under partnerships with some of the world's leading art institutions and leading artists and writers, regardless of your skill level or age!! With interviews and articles covering the hottest arts topics/trends and the people you’ll want to know, gain ample international exposure with 10,000+ monthly downloads! 

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How does one identify? Merriam-Webster defines identity as “the distinguishing character or personality of an individual”. What do we consider our distinguishing characteristics? Do we define ourselves by where we are from? Gender, race, orientation? Or maybe our careers and hobbies? Identity is vital to our senses of self, community, and ambitions. 

Manifold global invites artists of all backgrounds and mediums to submit artwork related to the theme “identity” 

ELIGIBILITY:  Artists from any country are welcome to apply with works in any medium: painting, sculpture, digital, printmaking, fiber, photography, mixed media, installation and more. A university degree is not required to participate in our open call. 

Art Hole - Now Calling for Entries!

Art Hole is an independent artist-run and ad-free international print and online publication dedicated to showcasing and promoting experimental and progressive contemporary art, which reflects modern society and its environment, provokes conversation and action; fosters innovation and diversity of mediums which make today’s art scene so intriguing and versatile.

Solo Exhibition of Simon Dvorak

Gallery 1855 thrilled to exhibit the works of Simon Dvorak. Simon Dvorak’s realist work depicts the places, artifacts, and history of the American culture and heritage.  Mr. Dvorak is particularly interested in the way the American history of road travel has shaped the landscape as well as the visual remnants of that history. Simon Dvorak studied at U.C. Davis graduating in 2000 from the Art Studio program.  He now lives in Davis, CA with his family. Works can be found at

The Art of Painting in the 21st Century Conference

The Art of Painting in the 21st Century is an annual conference, in
its seventh year, and is geared towards nurturing dialog on
contemporary painting and the shared ideas that define current trends
in the field. Many painters work alone, an isolated process that
deprives the artist of thriving debate until the work is shown. This
year’s conference will feature the world renowned painters Richard C.
Whitten,Mark Van Proyen, Chester Arnold, Melissa Chandon and Richard
In an intimate setting, interact with top artists in a way not
possible elsewhere. UC Davis, home to artist Roy de Forest, Roland
Peterson, Wayne Thiebaud, and Robert Arneson, was instrumental in

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