2023 Fall Multidisciplinary Residency

Bethany Arts Community offers residencies to emerging and established artists for the development of both new works and works-in-progress. BAC welcomes artists working across many disciplines and mediums, including visual artists, sculptors, writers, playwrights, choreographers, musicians, composers, performance artists, filmmakers, and more. Enjoy an environment where artists from different disciplines and walks of life can work in community and near each other, creating opportunities for generative collaboration and cross-pollination.  

Residents will be surrounded by uninhibited creativity during their time at BAC, in the form of other Multidisciplinary Residents, local studio artists, BAC staff and board members, those presenting programs on campus, and more! 

Narrativa Colectiva open call January - February2024

                                               Narrativa Colectiva Open Call for January - February 2024


                                                                                        Edition #4


A collective narrative project in collaboration with contemporary writing residency g_b and Cajon de Sastre, an independent publishing house  


Soil: The Critical Zone


2022-10-01 - 2022-10-30


This residency is available to one person/project. You may apply as a pair or an individual.

terra (n.)
Latin, "earth," from the Proto-Indo-European root *ters- which means "to dry."

SOIL is 2022 NAHR’s focus. Fellows will explore the critical function of soil from a range of natural, ecological, social, political and ecosystem perspectives, and reflect on the impacts of soil health and soil degradation.

More than 75% of the earth’s soil is substantially depleted, while the remaining 25% is of inestimable value. (Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) Report from 2018)

An Urgent Situation: Rethinking Tourism through Architecture, Art and Community Pt.2

During phase two of An Urgent Situation, a series of online gatherings will focus on a specific task: the conceptual and physical development of Samong Haven Bali, a culture centre presently in development in rural North-West Bali, Indonesia.

Our Festival 8

The organizing team of Our Festival invites artists of all kinds of arts to submit their proposals for participation in Our Festival 8, which will take place in September 2022 at the Rematia Theater in Chalandri Athens Greece. Multidisciplinary, inclusive and collaborative: Our Festival provides a platform for artists from all disciplines to present their work to the public.

Banff Centre | Emerging Visual Artist Intensive Online

The Emerging Visual Artist Intensive is an immersive program of feedback, connection and mentorship for artists in the early stages of their careers. Participants will continue their practice from home, while being part of an online community of emerging artists each committed to developing and expanding their practice.  In addition, participants will receive a stipend to support the development of their work.


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