Open call for Holding Patterns (online exhibition)

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Holding patterns is an experimental online exhibition that invites artists working digitally to consider the broader impact of isolation within the contexts of our surroundings. Noting the ways isolation has shifted our relationships to others, the environment, and ourselves, this exhibition seeks work that meditates on new forms of sociality in this moment of collective grief. As we contemplate the adverse effects of the pandemic, we have become more aware of the ways we have lost touch with our surroundings.

As an anecdote to the environmental and cultural concerns that are beginning to reveal themselves in this monumental period of isolation, we invite artists to help bring us back together and to reflect on ways we can continue to survive. How can creative projects enable multiple forms of connection with our surroundings? What are the ways artists are developing strategies for alternative forms of engagement?

This exhibition is designed, co-curated, and installed by students enrolled in the Art & Code class at Vanderbilt University.


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