Fathom 2021: An Open Call for Student/Early Career Artists of the Vast Mediterranean Region.




(Istanbul, Alexandria, Athens‐Piraeus, Algiers, Beirut, Barcelona, Tel Aviv, Naples, Genoa, Marseilles...)

Fathom is a proposal of a webpage and a social media account dedicated to the artistic creation of a union of young early career artists, coming from all the Mediterranean cities that flourish with rich sea culture.

Our Aim: 

  • Under this organization we aim to unite "Thalassophile" artists that find their happy places by the sea. 
  • The artists of target here are the lovers of the sea, the creators that live(d) and grew up with the sea. The artists that are familiar with and shaped by their corresponding part of the Mediterranean region.

Through a properly managed social media account and website we aim to:

  • Promote any emerging career artist that use the literature, photography, history and scenery of the Mediterranean in their artistic creations.
  • Create a platform for cultivating fresh ideas revolving around the diverse Mediterranean aesthetic. These ideas may include designs, photographs, presentations, animations, paintings, poetry and more...
  • Get ourselves familiar with many more young artists along the way, by growing a community that shares the same enthusiasm for the rich, hybrid culture of the Mediterranean region.   

The Noun Fathom is a Term of Nautical Origin: 

  1. "A unit of length equal to six feet (1.8 meters), chiefly used in reference to the depth of water."                                                            "sonar says that we're in eighteen fathoms." 
  2.  "To understand (a difficult problem or an enigmatic person) after much thought."                                                                                  "the locals could not fathom out the reason behind his new-found prosperity." 

Fathom* (our name) is aligned with our aim of discovering the depths of the notions tied to the sea. The notions that can be found from the myths of the ancient world to the novels and philosophy of the modern age: From 'Odysseus' to 'Le Comte de Monte-Cristo' to 'L'Étranger'. 

(As a starting note we would like to underline the fact that this is an idea in its very first phase, thus we are infinitely flexible regarding these bullet points. They are here to provide a rough guideline on what to expect.)

  1.  You are an early career artist, art student or you aspire to take the steps in becoming one in the near future.
  2.  You are coming from a Mediterranean country in which the sea/sea culture plays an important role in shaping lives, and your life as an artist in particular. 
  3.  You are committed to your creation process, you sketch, think and take critical stances on cultural issues frequently. In other words, you are in conflict with many things in life. 
  4. You strive to learn and create more of the shared nautical culture of humanity together with other artists.

Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Open Artist Series: Community Building & DIY Networks

The next event in our Open Artist Series will take place at Manchester’s most exciting new music venue YES – with a focus on ‘community’.

Aimed at musicians in the early stages of their career, you’ll get the chance to hear from and chat to other emerging musicians, established artists and industry professionals including:

  • Adrian McNally (The Unthanks)
  • Steve Pycroft (Riot Jazz, Kaleidoscope Orchestra)
  • Girl Gang Manchester
  • Dan Valentine

In a relaxed and informal setting, together you’ll explore:

  • How to build a music scene, or join an existing one
  • How to exist as an artist, even when you’re in an isolated area
  • How to create your own space, and fill it


  • 9:30 – Registration
  • 10:00 – 14:30  – Event (full agenda tbc)
  • 14:30 onwards – Social in the YES bar

The Open Artist Series is part of a three-year programme supported by Help Musicians UK. Through a series of events, mentoring opportunities and showcases, it will support emerging musicians to make a career in music – encouraging and enabling them to become innovators in their own careers, and active contributors to a fairer and more sustainable music industry.

Contact & Links: 

Matriarchal Meet Up!

A safe space for the women of Greater Manchester to meet and discuss all things female!

Ahead of our show 'MOTHERLOGUES', we want to collate the stories of the women of Manchester in order to create the show. This session will be an opportunity for local women to meet, discuss, share, laugh, cry, empathise, learn, engage with other women from all walks of life as we delve into the Matriarchy of Manchester!

Its completely free to attend and you can share as much or as little as you'd like! There is no obligation to "entertain" - please just come, sit and be.

And if you have a babe in arms, please do bring them along! Although be aware that some topics of conversation are not suitable for young audiences.

Any questions, drop us an email on

The Evolution Challenge


CREA’s Weeklys Challenges are week-long art challenges crafted to get the creative juices flowing! This weeks inspiring theme is Evolution!

“We are stardust, we are golden, We are billion year old carbon”- Joni Mitchel, 1970

It is scientifically proven that our bodies are made of remnants of stars and massive explosions in the galaxies, that, through evolutionary processes, have given rise to biodiversity in, species, organisms, and molecules.

In the mid-19th century, Charles Darwin formulated the scientific theory of evolution on his famous book The Origin of Species. This book, written for non-specialist, has generated scientific, philosophical, and religious discussion since its publication.

Evolution and its process are a massive source of inspiration for artists, musicians, writers and designers who give birth to their creations while developing their personal style. In this challenge we want to hear your thoughts on evolution in a personal, social, or global level. Post a picture, song, video, collage, poem that depicts change, growth; evolution.

The challenges are open all public. Simply download the Creativechain’s app, create an entry fitting with the challenge, add the specific tag, and you’re in!

Fee Detail: 
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