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New Orleans Exhibition + Travel and Stipend




The Submission Deadline is December 30, 2022, at 11:59 pm CST

Antenna is now accepting submissions for our National Solo Exhibition Open Call for 2023 AND 2024. Individual visual artists or collaborators working in any visual art mediums are eligible to apply. This opportunity is for individual artists, collaboratives, and collectives  living and working outside the state of Louisiana. The Antenna Collective  is  supports exhibitions that align with Antenna’s mission to provide opportunities for  BIPOC,  LGBTQ-GNC+, women, immigrant, and other abled cultural contributors and cultural bearers who produce artistic works  at the intersection of Gender and Identity, the Environment, Equity, Renewable Resources, Abolition, Restorative Justice, and the histories of the Gulf South, and artists that take an expansive, decolonial, and experimental approach to exhibit-making.   


The National Open Call is selected by the Antenna Collective. The Antenna Collective is an interdisciplinary group of artists, writers, makers, and innovators that collaboratively curate, exhibit, and maintain Antenna’s Gallery Spaces located at 3718 St. Claude Ave. The Antenna Collective consists of a culturally and socially engaged group of New Orleans based artists who combine their energies and experiences for the cultivation of the New Orleans art community. To learn more about the Collective, you can visit our website at 


The selected artist or collaborators will also have an opportunity to participate in some form of programming related to their show or practice, which may include an artist talk, workshop, or other forms of social engagement and conversations between the artist(s) and the broader community.


  • A portfolio of recent works (10-20 images)

  • Inventory list including titles, dates completed, sizes, and mediums

  • Artist statement/statement about the overall artistic process

  • Artistic Resume

  • Artist Bio

All Applications will be reviewed by a panel of Antenna Gallery Collective members. See a listing of current members at: Please note, examples submitted to the Antenna :: National Open Call need only represent your work or practice and do not necessarily have to be the pieces planned for exhibit at Antenna Gallery. For those who may wish to propose a site-specific project, you can view the gallery layout here:

Prize Summary: 
1000, flight, publication, paid shipping
Prizes Details: 


Two applicants will be selected and awarded a solo show. One artist will exhibit for the months of June - July in 2023, and one artist will exhibit May - June of 2024 at Antenna Gallery (see important dates below for more information), an honorarium of $1,000 (split amongst the group, if collaborative), paid shipping of artwork, paid travel to and from New Orleans for the install and opening of the exhibition, and accommodations in Antenna Gallery's residency space. Antenna will provide installation and curatorial support along with an opportunity to publish an exhibition catalog, artist book, or similar ephemeral to be determined in collaboration with Antenna's publishing center,  Paper Machine.

3718 St. Claude Ave, New Orleans, LA

Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Can be waived if needed!
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Call to Artists: New Orleans Collage Artist Lab: City as Archive




A five-day, in-person Collage Artist Lab with Kolaj Institute
November 2022

Deadline: Rolling with no applications accepted after 30 September 2022.

New Orleans Collage Artist Lab: City as Archive is a five-day intensive of workshops, discussions, and collage making designed to foster the integration of history and place into a collage artist’s practice. 

The Lab takes as its premise that the urban landscape can be viewed as a sort of archive with which artists can draw from, not unlike a material archive maintained by an institution. Literary critic Michael Sheringham spoke about the city as archive in a 2016 interview. “Many archives combine all sorts of matter; some of it vitally important and a lot of it just stuff, dross, repetitious bumph. But the other crucial ingredient is the idea of the archive as a process, something that takes place by virtue of the activities of compilation, preservation, juxtaposition, accumulation and so forth, that actually make archival space—at least potentially—active and dynamic. It’s the archive as a dynamic process that combines heterogeneous timescales, scrambles origins and mashes up elements from different horizons. That is what is exciting to us today…So, to think of a city as an archive is to think in terms of dynamic process, restless motion, multiple chronologies and levels of meaning.” Approaching the urban landscape in this way is fertile terrain for collage artists who seek to incorporate a sense of place into their practice. 

During this Lab, artists will tour New Orleans with an artist lens and develop strategies for drawing from the city material for their art making. Morning presentations will be followed by afternoons of collage making. Artists will explore working big by collaborating on a large-scale three-dimensional collage sculpture that will debut at Kolaj Fest New Orleans, 7-11 June 2023.  After the Lab, artists will be invited to submit 3-5 collages and a statement for inclusion in a book of collage about New Orleans that will be published by Kolaj Institute in 2023.

The goal of the New Orleans Collage Artist Lab is to equip artists with tools and strategies for picking up the unfinished work of history and speak to contemporary civic discourse around social, economic, and environmental issues. Through interactive sessions, collections research, and collaborative collage making, artists will explore their process and practice; present a slideshow of their work; receive supportive, critical, curatorial feedback about their ideas; and discuss contemporary issues. The Lab will speak to issues of appropriation, copyright, and fair use and explore how the artist’s choice and understanding of material shapes the narrative of the artwork. Artists will leave the Lab with a new perspective on their art practice. 

New Orleans Collage Artist Lab is intended for self-motivated artists, regardless of the stage in their career, who want to develop a practice of working with archives, place, and history and speak to their community about contemporary issues.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

New Orleans Exhibitions, Residencies, and Publishing, with $$, Travel, and More!



Antenna is excited to announce its annual open call for creator driven projects taking place in 2021. You can apply for the opportunity to exhibit at Antenna Gallery, have a book published by Antenna’s Paper Machine, or have a month long residency at the Paper Machine publishing center. All opportunities provide creators with both financial and logistical support!

DEADLINE to apply is October 22, 11:59pm CST!

Visit for full details and guidelines on all applications, and and see all of the programming created at Antenna through open call opportunities at: 

Prize Summary: 
$1000 Artist Support and travel expenses paid

Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
$40 for residency and International Open Call $20 for Chapbook and Comic Book
Contact & Links: 

Spillways Residency




Deadline: November 14th, 2019

Past Projects: 

Initiated through the Spillways Residency, Dread Scott produced the project Slave Rebellion Reenactment reimagining the 1811 German Coast uprising in Louisiana, which was the largest rebellion of enslaved people in U.S. history with a performance taking place Nov 8th and 9th 2019.


Midwest writer Molly Rideout visited transient camps in New Orleans Lower Ninth Ward and published Transient, a collection of short fiction and essays that explores the pitfalls and allure of searching for home in a place that never belonged to you. 


Chloë Bass produced City Pallette App, a phone application through which participants can contribute to an interactive database mapping the colors of their city.


Full Description (pasted from website)

A spillway is an engineering feat that provides controlled release of water from a river levee. Several spillways surround the city of New Orleans providing important control of flooding from the Mississippi. For Antenna, the Spillways residency is a way of providing the meaningful dispersion of outside thought and practice into the city through the development of creative feats. Spillways hosts national and international artists, writers, and cultural organizers that are interested in developing projects within the greater New Orleans region, and whose efforts question, transform, or expand the vibrant visual and literary culture of the area. At least four residents are chosen every other year to develop ambitious projects that aim for thoughtful public impact and engagement within the greater New Orleans region.


Residents will be awarded paid travel to and from New Orleans, an initial two week stay in Antenna’s residency space, a $1000 honorarium, and introductions to local stakeholders in their areas of interest. Spillways focuses on process over production, so in these initial immersive two weeks, residents are encouraged to come with an open mind and let their ideas adapt to what they have learned. Each resident’s experience will be modeled to spark project ideas that react in unique and interesting ways to the cultural fabric of the city.


Once returning home, residents will have up to three months to develop a proposal for a project within the city. Antenna encourages ambitious project proposals that aim for thoughtful public impact or engagement, which must include a significant outreach component. This could range from visits to local schools, free community workshops, public lectures, or other programs that help the public to better understand the resident’s creative process.

Once a proposal is received, the Antenna team works immediately assessing feasibility and tailoring its approach based on the needs of the project, including funding and materials required. Not every project proposal will be accepted, though if it is, the spillways resident will have the full support, and assistance of the Antenna staff and the organization’s 13 years of experience working in the region to assist at every step to help bring the idea to life. Budget/funding and additional visits and time in the city are adapted to the needs of each approved project, and thus both of these important aspects of a project are left open ended until the proposal stage of each residency. Despite ultimately being the resident’s project, Antenna envisions this process being inherently collaborative and the most successful projects will incorporate New Orleans’ based individuals into their development.

We invite you to visit to see the ongoing work of residents and projects that are created through this residency.

Important Dates

November 14, 2019 : Deadline for applications

Late December 2019 : Residents announced

March 2020-December 2020 : Residency Period (based on Residents schedule)

January 2021-December 2021 : Project Development


-Open to visual artists, writers, collectives, or long-term collaborative projects.

-For artists: you must have a desire to develop work outside of a traditional studio model.

-For writers: you must have an interest in developing written works that require extended time within a self-defined local community.

-Applicants must be working in their field of expertise for at least 5 years.

-Must live outside of the greater New Orleans area.

-Cannot currently be a student enrolled in post-secondary or graduate-level programs.


Contact & Links: 
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