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NO ARTIST WALKS ALONE - We need to connect with one another, in the age of covid19 that means staying connected and finding connection to other artists while fostering connections and opportunities to show your work to other artists, art lovers, art collectors, but more importantly your peers - artists in your age groups and your field.  We are making our platform available to all and any artists from around the world for a chance for you to be seen, connect with other artists and the art world, during these unprecedented times.  Just use #attheartfair and follow us at @attheartfair for a chance to be featured on our curated feed.  Just like Jerry Saltz, world renown, Pulitzer Winner, New York Best Seller Author - but most importantly: funny, brutally honest and on point art critic that says it like it is, states: NO ARTIST WALKS ALONE & JUST SAY YES.  


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