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Online Exhibition Open Call: The World Is Flat



Independent & Image Art Space (Chongqing, China) presents an online exhibition open call with the theme of “The World Is Flat”.

About exhibition theme: The World Is Flat

In 2005, Thomas L. Friedman's best-selling book "The World Is Flat" made the term "globalization" a household name. The fast and convenient network of communications, air transportation, and trade exchanges that human society has today are more closely connected with people living in different countries and different regions than ever before. However, the interconnected, "flat" world has also exacerbated the challenges facing mankind, such as global climate change and environmental issues. Another example is that today, 15 years later, close human interaction has become a major factor in the rapid spread of COVID-19 worldwide. We invite artists to respond to the theme of "the world is flat", express your ideas with your works of art, and inspire more people to think.

Exhibition period (dates to be determined): August – September 2020

Application deadline: July 31, 2020

Eligible application: there is no limit on the art medium, size, year of production, artist age, or nationality, but the proposed works should respond to the exhibition theme “The World Is Flat”.

The selected artists will win:

- artworks show at an online virtual exhibition;

- Chinese-English bilingual online feature at our website;

- Chinese-English bilingual digital catalog to be published on ISSUU;

- showcase the selected works on the internationally influential art platform: ARTSY and ARTLAND;

- production of Chinese-English bilingual exhibition video and publish on multi-channels;

- Chinese-English bilingual promotion on popular Chinese social media: WeChat Public Account and Art Express App, on art platform: ARTSY, and on international social media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook;

- Email campaigns sending to our art collectors, introducing your artworks to the Chinese art market;

- Priority to our further events, including offline exhibitions in our Chongqing space, art projects, art fairs in China and internationally and other art events.

Fee: free entry for selection.

The selected artists will pay an exhibition promotional fee of 100USD.

How to apply: 

Please send the following materials in a ZIP file to, subject line “Open Call – The World Is Flat”

- 3-7 work images, JEPG, 300dpi, no larger than 5MB. Please provide the work information, including title, material, size, year of production, edition (if applicable), price.

- Artist CV, no more than 500 words;

- Artist statement, no more than 300 words, please explain how your works respond to the theme “The World Is Flat”;

About Independent & Image Art Space

Founded in 2008, Independent & Image Art Space is located in 501 Art Base, which is the most important art zone in Chongqing, next door to one of China’s top art universities — Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.

Independent & Image Art Space has been paying close attention to the development of Chinese and international contemporary art. With an open attitude towards the global art scene and unique artistic vision, Independent & Image Art Space endeavors to participate in the practices of Chinese contemporary art development, especially to improve a deeper understanding of contemporary art in our society.

During the years, we have held numerous solo and group exhibitions for our artists as well as international cultural exchange events, displaying the artworks of photography, painting, sculpture, installation, new media art, etc. We present during the exhibitions related thematic lectures, seminars, and workshops.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Art in Isolation





Art In Isolation seeks artists residing in the United States working in two-dimensional art.  Artwork can be about any theme or topic. The exhibition will take place solely online. A virtual exhibition walkthrough will be created along with a free downloadable catalog for the exhibition.

Jurors: Candice Corgan and Taro Takizawa

Submission process:

Up to 3 submissions made within the past 2 years

1 main image and 1 detail image per submission


150 or 300 dpi .jpg

Under 5MB per image

Files named as:


eg. Smith_1


eg. Smith_1_Detail

Attached Item Detail .pdf

Artist Name

Artist Statement/Bio

Website (or social media if you do not have one)

Images with titles and submission number



Year made


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Contact & Links: 

Call for Online Exhibition




Marvelous Art Gallery is working for Online Art Gallery. The owner of the Gallery as an artist as well. Therefore she knows all the artist problems and the situations. This is why she want to start the gallery. She did do a lot of Exhibitions and Art Festivals in all around the world. And she is still continue to crate art same time.

Marvelous Art Gallery is proud to present a selection of their work. They are widely recognized for a unique artistic process and have traveled all over the world to create original, innovative fine art. Owing to unforgettable cultural encounters, great teachers and personal ambition, this talented artist seeks to spread artistry on an international scale. For further details, please get in touch.

“Marvelous Art Gallery” is looking for International Artists to fill our 2020 online exhibition schedule! In these strange times, we’d like to start a digital project around the work that people are making in their artistic isolation.  It's free to entry and easy! All visual art supports are acceptable (painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, digital, prints ...) with the exception of sound and video arts. Submit your art to be a part of an online exhibition.

There is no limit to the number of images an artist can submit. Please visit the website to submit your images:

Spread the word and share with your friends!



Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

SHIM/Darkroom Artsy Trial Exhibition





The SHIM/Darkroom 60-Day trial exhibition will launch an exclusive and permanent SHIM Exhibitor Group, organized by the Bushwick Community Darkroom. As participants in this free trial exhibition, you will be offered priority invitations to join. Membership in the group, which you can opt into at the end of the trial exhibition for a standard annual membership fee, will include annual Artsy hosting for the members of the group, as well as invitations to exclusive exhibition opportunities via SHIM Art Network, film developing credit and many networking opportunities. 

This opportunity is only open to photographers working with film.

Immediate Benefits of the Free Trial include:

Your work (1-4 images) included in the SHIM/Darkroom Launch Exhibition on

An exclusive invitation to participate in the SHIM/Darkroom presentation at Superfine! DC Art Fair, Oct 30th - Nov 3rd, 2019 for an additional $250 Exhibitor Fee


The SHIM Darkroom Membership includes:

1 year Artsy profile on the SHIM Darkroom Artsy Network

2 16x20 matted prints in the SHIM Darkroom Booth at Aqua fair in Miami in December  ($250 additional fee)

$50/month of lab credit billed at 20% off list applicable towards hourly rental, mail in or drop off film developing


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

7th Annual "ALL PAINTING" Online Art Competition and Exhibition






Contemporary Art Gallery Online encourages entries from all 2D artists regardless of their experience,education in the art field or where they may reside.  This is an international competition and everyone is encouraged to participate. A group exhibition of all entrants will be held online at the Contemporary Art Gallery Online following the close of the competition for thirty days. 

There is No Theme for this Current Art Competition.  Artists should submit their best representational and non-representational art.  Here is a link to last years EXHIBITION, so as to better demonstrate this month's theme.

Awards will be given for the top 6 paintings selected.  In addition, depending on the amount and the quality of the entries received, additional awards will also be presented.

Contact & Links: 




There was a popular and silly song in the 1950's, "Close the Doors, They're Coming in the Windows".  What about those doors and windows and arches and frames and tunnels?  There are so many ways to capture them:  looking at them, or through them.  We can poke our hand out the window to test the weather, or just see a wonderful scene a little differently when framed by an arch or array of tree limbs in a park.


For this call your images can focus on the "portal" itself like a closed door or a wonderful windowsill or the view through the portal to the other side. Does it frame the main subject of the photograph or does it add another dimension, such as the distortions of old glass or reflections in windowpanes.

Fee Detail: 
$35/3 $10/each additional


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