TRACTOR RESIDENCY - last minute call for July 2019

Due to unforseen circumstances we now have one last minute opening for the July TRACTOR programme; thus we offer -30% discount on the residency fee

TRACTOR programme is for all those creative minds who either wish to change their environment for a couple of weeks and find inspiration in a new surrounding or simple need undisturbed time to develop or finish up a body of work.

This self-directed creative programme offers you the luxury of time and the needed freedom to perform a new body of work, research innovative ideas or just experiment with different techniques or modes of production.

Viridian Artists presents The 30th Annual International Juried Exhibition July 16-August 10, 2019

Viridian Artists is proud to present:
The 30th Annual International Juried Exhibition

Entry Fee: Ends June 13, 2019 (11:59pm) =  $45/ 3 works, $5 each additional work. 

DongGang International Photo Festival _ International OpenCall 2019

We invite you to submit your work to the 18th DongGang International Photo Festival, to be held this year from 5th July to 29th September, 2019 in DongGang, Yeongwol, Korea.


People with dreams and ideals innovate themselves and, eventually, manage to change the world. That is presumably because one cannot fulfill a dream alone: one needs to communicate to the world. By presenting the artworks that showcase a wide array of individual dreams, it is our wish to create an opportunity where we can all remind ourselves the meaning of the dream in the age that is often criticized for the absence of true dreams and dreamers.​

Call for submission to tour in China

Hello, people! 

This is a production company, Alliance Occident-Orient, based in Paris. We are currently selecting shows (performing arts-oriented) for 2019 fall season to tour in China. 

According to the genres our Chinese partners are looking for and due to the budget constraints, the shows are preferably:

NAIRS Open Call for Artists in Residence 2020

The Artists’ House is located in the bathhouse of the former spa hotel Scuol-Tarasp on the banks of the Inn river. It is located amidst the Engadine Dolomites and is far away from everything. Every month up to 10 fine artists, musicians, composers, writers, dancers, performers and scientists from around the world live and work here.


The BETA PUBLICA Showcase is one of the BETA PUBLICA Association´s annual programes. It brings together choreographers from all over the world to share, using the social networks, their creative process with the audiences that will come to the 2 days of performances in Madrid.


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