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Hybrida AIR 2022





Hybrida Artist Residency 2022

We are glad to announce that we will be hosting the second version of Hybrida AIR during the coming spring/summer! 

This year the residency will take place in May and June, and will last six weeks. The program includes remuneration of approximately 2500 euros, plus production budget, travel, accommodation, food and freight. You will find the link to our website below and you can find out more about our 2021 residency on our Instagram “”.

The curatorial theme for 2022 is [capture].

What does it mean to capture an image or a feeling nowadays? What changes when that content is always present and is governed by algorithms and viewing stats?  When we draw a face, a landscape, when we choreograph, when we transpose matter, words and ideas, physically, mechanically or digitally, do the mechanics and strategies of capturing something evolve in parallel with the interfaces or media in which the content is implemented?

Apply until February 15 is an art/curatorial platform launched in 2021 by artists Giorgos Tsiongas (GR) and Joar Torbiörnsson (SE), focused on creating virtual & physical pockets of space and open ended curatorial frameworks for young artists to show work in.

Prize summary: 
2500 € in pay, plus travel, food, freight and more
Prizes Details: 

Travel expenses covered up to 5000 SEK

Freight covered up to 1500 SEK

Production budget up to 5000 SEK

Participation includes remuneration of 25.000 SEK upon the completion of the residency

Contact & Links: 

Call out to Polish, Portuguese & Romanian Artists specialising in socially engaged practice. Six-week residency on island of Jersey





Calling Portuguese, Polish and Romanian artists with experience of socially engaged practice for an unforgettable paid residency on the Island of Jersey. Large numbers of Poles, Portuguese and Romanians call Jersey home and ArtHouse Jersey is offering an opportunity for one artist from each country to learn about, research and explore the lived experience of their compatriots, creating a piece of work that celebrates the contribution each community makes to the Island.

The chosen Polish, Portuguese and Romanian artists will travel to Jersey and spend six weeks living and working in the Island from 17 January – 25 February 2022 staying in accommodation at ArtHouse Jersey’s headquarters on the beautiful north coast of the Island.

We are seeking artists of any discipline (conceptual, drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, design, dance, digital, crafts, photography, literary, video, film making, music, multimedia, live, sound, multidisciplinary etc.). Each artist will create an inspiring piece of work to be gifted to ArtHouse Jersey. The artists will attend the opening of a showcase featuring their work that will take place over the last weekend of the residency. Artists must be confident that they will be able to create their work within the timeframes and with the materials budget detailed below.

For the final two weeks of their residency the selected artists will contribute to the briefing of a visiting street art muralist on the lived experience of the Portugueuse, Poles and Romanians in Jersey, introducing them to the communities and explaining what they have learnt from the experience. This transfer of knowledge will inform the muralist’s creation of a piece of work in a separate but connected project which also aims to celebrate the contribution each community makes to Jersey.

We are working closely with the Polish Cultural Institute, The Embassy of Portugal and the Romanian Cultural Institute in London and plan to hold an event in London after the residency.

The deadline for applications is 3 September 2021.

Prize summary: 
£2,500 award, + travel + materials + per diems
Prizes Details: 


£2,500 to research, develop and produce a new work in any medium that reflects on your experience and learnings in Jersey (the work will become the property of ArtHouse Jersey who will exhibit it at all times fully crediting the artist)

Return flights (Europe)

Accommodation at our headquarters on the beautiful north coast of Jersey

Per diems and contribution to food cost

Up to £750 for materials

Assistance of an ArtHouse Jersey representative with community engagement

Contact & Links: 
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