"Earth's tranquility disrupted, chaos ensues, balance trembles, turmoil unfolds."

A tranquil harmony blankets the Earth as vibrant and colorful children joyfully paint the canvas of existence. Laughter echoes through sunlit meadows, creating a symphony of innocence. Each child, a palette of diversity, embodies the promise of unity. Their radiant spirits illuminate the world with hope, erasing borders and fostering understanding. Together, they weave a tapestry of shared dreams, where differences are celebrated and kindness is the universal language. In this idyllic landscape, the future is painted with hues of compassion, acceptance, and boundless possibilities, promising a world where the vibrant colors of humanity create a masterpiece of enduring peace.

Posters for Peace

Posters for Peace February 2024

Ukraine is in the war since 2014, we will never forget the heroism of freedom fighters and all volunteers from around the world who are willing to support peace seekers in need. Peace Museum Vienna is a community of peace seekers and builders who are working together towards peace. Together, we can freely express our beliefs, show support and organize for peace.

Non Conflictive Art

Humanity has always been plagued by conflict. Individual conflicts, family, social, political, territorial and increasingly global, Conflict pervades all aspects of the human experience.

Civilizations have developed to reach great technological and cultural advancements, yet rarely have managed to avoid or overcome conflict for long.

MNR -prideART for Freedom

February 24th, 2023 marks the anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. A year of war, suffering, cold, hunger, and death. That's why we want to do an exhibition on the subject of "war" or "peace". From now until January 22nd you can submit pictures, works, and works of art on the subject of "War, Escape, Expulsion..." or "Peace". The works do not have to be related to Russia or Ukraine. You should only deal with the above-mentioned topics. The exhibition will take place February 24-27th 2023.

PimComedy the Musical

PimComedy the Musical seeking Artists:  Theme :  Depression. laying on the couch, being depressed.   Drinking Orange Vodka.  The world is dark . How can we survive?  The show is in New York City:  IG:  , creating a better world, creating better times and love.  PCTM , a musical and art journey through time.   Battling depression and demons. Overcoming the odds. Overcoming Satan.   Showing art work, art shows in NYC , NJ and online.   Zoom and joy.  International and National shows.   Creating a better world.  Website: #love

The Uncoiled Magazine Issue 3 Submission

The Uncoiled Magazine is open for submissions for their 3rd magazine issue !

For this we are calling to all artists who want to contribute and have their work published. 
The theme for this issue is 'Peace', in all it's forms.
Art in any form and medium is welcome (painting, drawing, poetry, literature, photography, video, sound, illustration, mixed media, etc.).

The magazine for now is only an online magazine, but we are working to also make it into a print one.

Deadline is the 1rst of May 2022.


The Uncoiled is an upcoming online literary and art magazine with writers and artists from all over the world. 


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