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This Call for Entries invites artists from around the world to make themselves heard, by using paper.
The Biennale aims to create motivations and ways of comparison for the artists who decide to get
involved, "to educate” on what is beautiful but also and above all, break the patterns and create new
points of view.

The contest, open to professional and emerging artists, aims to select works, performances, ideas
involving the use of paper and derivatives focusing on originality and / or a bold, unique and
innovative use. The final selection will include the exhibition of works and the creation of
performances in the venues of the Biennale.

The primary requirement is the use of paper and its derivatives. The call is open to all artists who are
over 18. All art forms are allowed.
Participation involves a minimum of one workpiece to a maximum of 20 pieces with the exclusion of:
- Video Art and / or Digital Graphics: video, film, works with animation techniques on any digital and
analogue support. Only one proposal can be submitted;
- Performance: Only one proposal by one or more artists can be submitted.



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Draw to Perform Residency – April/May 2019 – Open Call





The Draw to Perform residency programme for Drawing Performance practice.


What does the program offer?

The D2P Residency program is a unique opportunity for new and developing professional artists and art students to engage in the dynamic artistic discipline of drawing performance art. The program provides the foundation to develop drawing and performance skills and to translate creative practice into live action. This rigorous 15 days structured program of mentored residency includes one-on-one tutorials, workshops, intensive studio time, studio visits and artist talks by UKdrawing performance artists. The program is headed by artist and curator Ram Samocha, who is internationally acclaimed and the founder of Draw to Perform.

The residency will be located in the heart of Brighton, one of the most vibrant and colourful cities in Europe and a centre of creativity, vibrancy and progressive art. The program will also include guided tours to key exhibitions and art events in Brighton and London and will end with an evening of live drawing performances to celebrate and showcase the output of this creative time.

For past residencies please visits the D2P residency Facebook page.


27 April - 11 May 2019 (15 days)


Copperdollar Studios, Brighton, UK

Application Deadline:

Monday 31 December 2018 14:00pm BST

Contact & Links: 
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