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Call for Applications PACAP 5, curatorship by João Fiadeiro (Lisbon, Portugal)





PACAP 5 - Performing Arts Advanced Programme
Not knowing together
- 2021/22
Curatorship by João Fiadeiro in collaboration with Márcia Lança, Carolina Campos and Daniel Pizamiglio.

Applications for the next edition of PACAP - Performing Arts Advanced Programme are now open.
The fifth edition of the Performing Arts Advanced Programme is curated by João Fiadeiro, in collaboration with Márcia Lança, Carolina Campos and Daniel Pizamiglio.
This advanced training course will run from September 6, 2021 to July 30, 2022 and is aimed for dancers, choreographers, performers and other artists with practices related to performance, body and movement.

\\\\\ INTRODUCTION /////
“PACAP 5’s programming will aim to provide a diverse and non linear approach towards artistic research, employing as reference the study and experimentation of improvisation through Real Time Composition (bloc I); collaborative practices starting from a shared question (bloc II); and practices of individual research for each participant (bloc III). Depending on their interests and availability, participants will be able to opt for a 3, 6 or 9 month course. In order to do the second and third blocs participants must attend the previous ones. The number of participants will decrease as the course progresses: 24 in the first bloc, 16 in the second and 8 in the third and final one, thereby establishing different intensities and ways of involvement with the different research practices of decision, collaboration and creation proposed within the course.
João Fiadeiro and some members of the Atelier RE.AL Collective (Márcia Lança, Carolina Campos, Daniel Pizamiglio and Ivan Haidar) will be present during the entire duration of the course in order to replicate the laboratorial practice that has always characterized our activity. This aims to produce a sense of continuity between blocs and create the condition to deepen the research experience, which would be difficult to implement if the course were structured around a more fragmented and punctual participation of external guests. Regardless, running parallel to a more constant relationship with the Atelier RE.AL Collective we will invite artists and researchers to direct occasional workshops associated with the subjects being explored in each bloc. With these invitations we aim to create a critical distance with regards to our practice, to tune in to other ways of thinking-doing artistic research and generate some breathing room between the cycles.” – Curatorial Team

The course is aimed at dancers, choreographers, performers and other artists whose practices relate to performance, body and movement. Applicants should position themselves as peers and not students and see artistic creation as a space of research through art, meaning a platform for the exploration of processes of correlation, collaboration and decision in an environment that does not distinguish between theory and practice and promotes permeability between subjects, thereby regarding the work of art as a consequence of a process and not as its end.

Bloc I - Study, experimentation and practice of Real Time Composition
: September 6 until December 4, 2021
Bloc II - Collaboration processes based on a shared question: January 17 until April 16, 2022
Bloc III - Individual investigation processes of each participant: April 26 until July 30, 2022

Bloc I
- Lisa Nelson (USA), Romain Emma-Rose Bigé (FR).
Bloc II - Coletivo Hormigonera (UY), David-Alexandre Guéniot / GHOST (PT), Orquestina de Pigmeos (ES), Projeto Companhia – João dos Santos Martins (PT).
Bloc III - Eleonora Fabião (BR), Gustavo Sumpta (PT), La Ribot (ES), Luara Learth/Acauã Elbandido (BR), Mette Edvardsen (NO).


Bloc I+II+III (9 months)

  • Course calendar: September 6, 2021 to July 30, 2022
  • Application deadline: 29.01.2021
  • Selection phases dates:
  • 12.02.2021 ›› Announcement to pre-selected candidates
  • 15 to 19.02.2021 ›› On-line workshop
  • 22 to 26.02.2021 ›› Individual interviews with curatorial team
  • 01.03.2021 ›› Communication of results

Bloc I+II (6 months)

  • Course calendar: September 6, 2021 to April 16, 2022
  • Application deadline: 12.03.2021
  • Selection phases dates:
  • 19.03.2021 ›› Announcement to pre-selected candidates
  • 22 to 26.03.2021 ›› On-line workshop
  • 29.03.2021 ›› Communication of results

Bloc I (3 months)

  • Course calendar: September 6, 2021 to December 4, 2021
  • Application deadline: 16.04.2021
  • Selection phases dates:
  • 24.04.2021 ›› Announcement to pre-selected candidates
  • 26 to 30.04.2021 ›› On-line workshop
  • 02.05.2021 ›› Communication of results

Coproduction PACAP 5
: TBA – Teatro do Bairro Alto
Support PACAP 5: O Rumo do Fumo, Alkantara, Estúdios Victor Córdon, O Espaço do Tempo

You can consult the complete information available on our website at: - in Portuguese - in English


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Crossed by the current context, we think in the necessity of researching the possibilities of the artistic work, bounded by the social distancing provisions we look for alternatives of coexistence through the artistic activation of our Shop- Window. Different voices have drawn our attention to the increasing vigilance and control by the state and society in general.

Instructional Residency is proposed as an artistic device of visibility and reflection on the current context and its consequences, based on the appearance in the public space in a situation of isolation / social distancing due to the pandemic. Using the space of a commercial showcase beside the street, Belgrado’s Shop-Window becomes a device of aseptic exhibition, isolated from the viewers, the passers by that walk the Belgrano Avenue in the City of Buenos Aires.

We invite artists to send their proposals to carry out their work remotely in the Belgrado’s Shop-Window. The proposals will be sent as instructions, and Casa Belgrado team will carry out the works based on the artistic instructions of the selected proposals, (subject to) the human and technical resources of the space.


Site Specific, transdisciplinary transit between contemporary performing practices, performance, movement, theater and its possible expansions, to sound, multimedia and audiovisual art. We embrace intersections and experiences in hybrid formats of composition and presentation close to the idea of post-discipline.

Social isolation – body – home – virus and pandemic – control and surveillance devices – posthumanism – interior- exterior – dystopian futures.

The selected projects will have three encounters via zoom before the realization of the piece-instructive:

  1. -General presentation
  2. -Technical and artistic direction meeting
  3. -Technical and artistic tunning

Important considerations:

The residency has no cost for the artist

The pieces will take place totally inside the Belgrado’s Shop-Window

The exhibition of the pieces can last between 3 hours and 4 days

The access of the public to the Shop-Window will not be allowed

The costs of necessary materials and additional resources are the responsibility of the artist.

The realization of the pieces includes the audiovisual recording of them and their divulgation on social media

All details and incidentals not mentioned in this convocatory will be resolved in dialogue with Casa Belgrado’s team.

The human and material resources will be available for the proposals

The proposals will be received until july 31

The selected projects will be announced the first week of August.

The selected projects will be exhibited during 2020. Doubts and queries to


Human Resources
(Performers / Technicians Available)


Performing creator, born in Mexico City in 1982. His work is crossed by theater and documentary, the expanded scene and the artistic activism in territories marked by violence. Currently he works in the project “Ternura radical” (Radical tenderness), a scenic research of affective relations from a non binary perspective, reflecting on feminist, queer and decolonial thoughts.


Interdisciplinary creator, she works mainly in the field of

contemporary performing arts and cultural management, artistically exploring diverse territories and formats as installation, performance and puppet theater. Body, objects and their poetic power are the gravitational center of her research, her work deals with themes around visibility of violence and the idea of act-memory. Currently researchs in the creation of better proposals through tenderness and the activation of affections.


Electrical technician in audiovisual media and stage productions. Professional advertiser. Born in Bogotá COLOMBIA. Artist by vocation and researcher of the movement on stage. He works as a technician of different tools in production and post production. In his work behind the scenes, from Art Assistance and Photography Direction, he has made different proposals of work in Artistic Language Crossing, and participated in different film and commercial productions.

Material Resources:

Viewsonic projector Pa503x
Led projector
Audio console, 4 channels, 2 speakers Projection screen

Basic lighting equipment


Characteristics of the space and regulations for use

The selected proposals will be exhibited in Hall 1 of Belgrado’s

Shop-Window, which measures 4.25 x 5.25 m.

The large window that faces the street measures 3.00mt x 2.10

Carpet floor.

The use of fire, liquids, or corrosive, toxic or combustible substances is prohibited.

Drilling into walls is prohibited


Entry Fee:

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Love Sharing Festival - International Theatre Festival - 6th Edition






Organized by Theandric, a drama company taking an innovative and experimental approach to political theatre, “Love Sharing” is the first International Festival dedicated to the culture of peace and non- violence.

Contemporary art, scientific research, social and political innovation get in touch with each other, with the territory, with the social and political institutions, with residents and citizens by challenging their views and engaging in debates in order to build an expanding net.

Will a world without violence ever exist?

The 6th edition will be held in 2020 in Cagliari, Sardinia (Italy). It will focus on Madness and Revolution.

How many meanings does the word “madness” have?

Which is the relationship between madness and social, political and scientific revolution?

Madness means being unconventional, breaking the rules, changing perspective.

In this 6th Edition, Love Sharing Festival analyses madness and its limits through the lens of Nonviolence.

There are more ways than one to be crazy.

Which types of collective madness are there? War, environmental degradation, consumerism?

Is it legitimate to consider people insane if they don’t respect social norms? If so, what’s their fate as individuals?

What defines a person as crazy, talking about mental illness?

Is there a link between madness and political dissent?

Very often, foolish people are pioneers, the ones who can find in a closed system a gateway to change and improvement. This is true for scientists and artists. But are we foolish enough?

And what about love, the sweetest madness? Is there a force as capable as love to give our lives a twist?

The boundaries between craziness and normality, sense, freedom and power are constantly redrawn as human sensitivity changes, in historical, social and cultural terms.

Madness is like a creature that can’t be tamed.

If you are an artist (theatre, dance, music, circus, performing arts, visual arts) and you want to give your contribution to this exciting topic, we are ready to receive your proposals.


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Performing Arts Creation Residencies 2020






Banff Centre is committed to the commissioning, development, and production of new works in all major performance disciplines, and encourages bold collaborations across disciplines. Performing Arts residencies are designed for artists to work on the initial creation phase of a new work in one or more of our studio spaces.

What does the program offer?

These residencies offer a range of work spaces and facilities depending on participants' needs and availability. Banff Centre provides limited production support for these residencies. Additional technical support may be negotiated when possible. Partial residencies may be available. 

Who should apply?

We invite project proposals from individual artists, artistic collectives, and companies of all sizes. Artists with projects at various stages of development are encouraged to apply - whether at the conceptual, creation, development, refinement, or redevelopment stage of a new work. 

Application Deadline: February 12, 2020

Dates: October 05 - October 16, 2020, January 11 - January 22, 2021, March 15 - March 26, 2021


Prizes Details: 

Application fee: $65 for individuals or groups. Individual group members must pay an additional registration fee of $35 on acceptance.

*Financial Aid up to 75% is available based on shared accommodation and regular meal plans.

Contact & Links: 

fringee • the younger one | international youth performing arts festival





“fringee – the younger one” is looking for local and international artists for its first edition. Organized by Istanbul Fringe and Istanbul Drama Sanat Akademisi, “fringee – the younger one” is an international performing arts festival for preteen and teenagers. Applications are open to artists working in disciplines such as theater, dance, performance, circus, clown, puppetry and pantomime. 


When: 10, 11, 12 April 20

Where: Istanbul

Deadline: 31 December 2019

According to the Convention on the Rights of the Child:

“States Parties recognize the right of the child to rest and leisure, to engage in play and 

recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child and to participate freely in cultural 

life and the arts.”

“States Parties shall respect and promote the right of the child to participate fully in cultural 

and artistic life and shall encourage the provision of appropriate and equal opportunities for 

cultural, artistic, recreational and leisure activity.”

As a new family member of Istanbul Fringe, “fringee – the younger one” would like to build a new art platform where preteen and teenagers can have the opportunity to explore an  inspiring performing arts world.

This new festival aims to stimulate creativity, emotional intelligence, aesthetic potentials without imposing adult codes. 


• Creating inspiring art works for children between 9-15 years old in the disciplines of theater, dance, performance, circus, clown, puppetry and pantomime

• Fulfilling the online application form

• Sending the application fee (25 Euros)

• Invited artists will be expected to take part in side events such as workshops, talks, etc.

What we offer: 

• 3-night accommodation in volunteer houses during the festival

• Meal on the day of your performance

• Public transportation on the day of your performance

• Venue, technical support and promotion

• 50% of the box-office

• Free access to all the events in the festival (requires reservation)


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Contact & Links: 

Into The Art Exhibition





Into the Art is a exhibition dedicated to creating cohesive environments for all forms of art that people can fully immersive themselves into in all aspects, from sound, sight, smell, and emotionally. We welcome artist of all disciplines to apart of this grand exhibition held at The Greenpoint Gallery, 390 McGuinness Blvd, Brooklyn, NY from November 15 -22, 2019 with a opening and closing reception. We are looking for artist in the following categories whose work fits within the themed rooms shown in the application. It is open to artist 18 years or older in the US. Please find the category you would like to submit your work to and read the details. 

2D Art:
We are looking for 50 or more 2D artist for the full length of the exhibition. All artwork must be age appropriate since all days excluding opening and closing reception will have people 17 & under attending. We do not take a commission of the artist artwork. If someone is interested in you work we will provide them with your contact information for them to reach you directly. 2D art fee is $15 per piece submitted. All artwork must be no larger than 36x36. Maximum of 5 submission for review and a maximum of (3) will be selected for the exhibition. After reviewing your submission we will send a confirmation email with your chosen method of payment and the chosen pieces for the exhibition. In the comments section of the application please state the number of pieces you want in the show.

3D Art:
We are looking for 8 or more 3D artist for the full length of the exhibition. All artwork must be age appropriate since all days excluding opening and closing reception will have people 17 & under attending. We do not take a commission of the artist artwork. If someone is interested in you work we will provide them with your contact information them to reach you directly. 3D art fee is $20 for (1) submission per artist. Maximum size of artwork to fit on a podium must be equal to or less than 20" in width and 36" high. You can submit up to (5) pieces for review. After reviewing your submission we will send a confirmation email with your chosen method of payment and the chosen piece for the exhibition.

Musicians/Performers/ Poets:
We have (20) spots available for musicians, performers, and poets for 30 minute slots. The first (8) to apply will either have a time reserved for opening or closing night. All others will have a designated day to perform throughout the span of the exhibition. All that we ask from performers is for you to sell two tickets to the exhibition to assist with rental of the space and equipment. Ticket sales can be made before or the day of your performance. All performers will have an opportunity to collect donation from the audience during and after their performance. Submission requires a sample video that best describe your performances and a image for the exhibition website. Maximum number of (5) members per group. If your performance is less than 30 minutes or more that 30 minutes please note it in the comments section along with any equipment required for your performance. After reviewing your submission we will send a confirmation email with the available days and times.

Art Vendors:
We are looking for 34 vendors for the exhibition. The first (4) to apply have the option of displaying on opening or closing night. Following that all other vendors will have a designated date during the duration of the exhibition to showcase their items. Your selected day will be based on that day's collection of items being displayed. All items on display must be no taller than 24" high from the the table and age appropriate since all days excluding opening and closing reception will have people 17 & under attending. A flat fee of $45 is required once approved. Please provide 2 to 5 images that best represents your merchandise. After reviewing your submission we will send a confirmation email with your chosen method of payment. Once payment is received your spot will be held and you will receive a notification for the day and location of your table 2 weeks prior to opening night.

* All 2D and 3D artist coming out of town are not required to attend opening or closing night. However, they must provide proper packaging for their artwork and a return label if they are unable to pick up their work after the show. Any artwork shipped to us will be handled with the utmost care once in our possession but we still recommend you get insurance on your packages.

Online submission deadline: Sunday October 27th
Artt drop-off Day: Thursday November 14th 10am to noon & 6pm to 8pm
Opening Reception: Friday November 15th 6pm to 10pm
Closing Reception: Friday, November 22nd 6pm to 10pm
Art pick-up: Friday November 22nd 10:30 pm or Saturday November 23rd 11am to 6pm

*Please do not contact The Greenpoint Gallery. We are renting the space for the duration of the exhibition and are not affiliated.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
$0 to apply
Contact & Links: 


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