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Phantom Perspectives explores the relationship between art, science and technology by testing the boundaries of our perspectives. By considering the ocular capacities of the human eye, each artist seeks to tackle perception, whether it is focused on our bodies, our sight, or the walls of the gallery itself.

The multi-disciplinary approach will interrogate our perspectives of reality through an immersive environment. Life is often regimented, controlled and reasonable, bearing the imprint of a socially constructed perspective. Yet, Phantom Perspectives seeks to present the intangible through physical and virtual representations of a new reality that can be attained through the removal of influence.

Subverting the traditional viewing experience, the exhibition presents one that encourages participation and active engagement of the audience. Through this interrogation of perceived normality, we can question our increasingly mechanised society by utilising art to blur the rigid perspectives that can be imprinted on our reality.

Fringe Arts Bath (FaB) is a test-bed for early career-curators, and those who prefer to operate outside of the gallery-based arts scene. FaB aims to raise the profile of contemporary visual arts in Bath and beyond, providing opportunities for early-career and emerging artists. FaB festival is a free, 2 week festival putting art in unusual places in unexpected ways for people to happen across and interact with, with exhibitions, interventions and events based in Bath, UK, in May-June each year.

There are 20 different exhibitions to submit to for FaB 2020, everyone can submit, from anywhere in the world. Deadline 23:59 on Sun 22 March 2020. Submission is free (unless otherwise stated). If you are selected, FaB will ask for a £20 contribution and some of your time - read their FAQs for details. twitter/instagram/facebook: @fringeartsbath


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£20 fee if selected
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