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Romano Cagnoni Award 22 Edition FREEDOM




Romano Cagnoni Award 2022 CALL FOR ENTRIES!

Starting 15 June 2021, the second edition of the Romano Cagnoni Award, an international photojournalism prize, is soliciting applications from photographers from all over the world. Promoted by the Romano Cagnoni Foundation, in collaboration with Photolux Festival and the support of LensCulture, the Award was born in 2019, in memory of the great photojournalist Romano Cagnoni (1935-2018), The Foundation’s aims are: to support photographers who investigate, with depth and participation, topics related to human condition, social and environmental change, humanitarian crises and the violation of human rights in the world.

After the first edition of 2019, which awarded Gianluca Panella as the winner, the Award will be presented in a renewed guise, starting with the name RCA - Romano Cagnoni Award to underline the international matrix of the initiative, to specifically welcome applications from all over the world. "Romano was a photojournalist who worked internationally, collaborating and publishing in newspapers which have made photojournalism history, such as LIFE Magazine, Sunday Times, The New York Times and many others - declares Patricia Franceschetti Cagnoni, President of the Romano Foundation Cagnoni - the idea that this award bears his name means continuing to remember the values ​​underlying his research and to pass them on to younger generations. At the same time it is an important signal to support photojournalism, in this time of crisis and change.

The fundamental collaboration of the Foundation with the Photolux Festival - International Biennial of Photography, co-directed by Enrico Stefanelli, Chiara Ruberti, Rica Cerbarano and Francesco Colombelli, is confirmed and a new partnership is established with LensCulture, one of the main online platforms dedicated to contemporary photography. The Jury will be composed of authoritative experts in the sector, such as:

Martina Bacigalupo, photographer and photo editor of Revue 6MOIS

Elena Boille, vice-director and photo editor of Internazionale magazine

Daria Bonera, founder of DB Agency and visual editor of CESURA

Jim Casper, director of LensCulture

Manuel Rivera-Ortiz, photographer and President of the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation (Arles)

Moshe Rosenzveig, founder and director of Head On Photo Festival (Sydney)

Patricia Franceschetti Cagnoni, President of the Jury

Director of the Award Benedetta Donato.

The Theme of this edition is: FREEDOM.

Prize summary: 
Win Euro 5.000 cash prizes, exhibition, publication
Prizes Details: 

The projects will be selected by an International Jury
The winner will receive 5,000 Euro, an exhibition that will be held during the Photolux Festival in Lucca in May-June 2022 and the publication on the official catalogue of the event. In addition, a work selected among those shortlisted, will be published in Internazionale Magazine.
Call for entries deadline: 15.11.2021

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11th Edition of the Carmignac Photojournalism Award - Call for Applications: The Democratic Republic of the Congo





The 11th Edition of the Carmignac Photojournalism Award is dedicated to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and to the human, social and ecological challenges it faces today.

Selected by an international jury, the laureate will receive a €50,000 grant to carry out a 6-month field report with the support of the Fondation Carmignac, which produces, upon their return, a travelling exhibition and the publication of a monograph.

Four times the size of France, this continent-sized country irrigated by the Congo River benefits from immense natural and mineral resources; the world’s lar- gest rainforest after the Amazon; the world’s largest producer of cobalt and coltan (metals which have strategic importance for our electronic equipment), the second lar- gest producer of diamonds... But the DR Congo, ripped apart by recurrent inter-com- munity and political conflicts, also accumulates misery, epidemics and clashes.

The DR Congo is one of the lowest countries in the Human Development Index (HDI) ranking. Its literacy level is rising, but public health is in a state of aban- donment, and violence towards women and children is endemic. Despite having the largest freshwater resource in Africa, it has the lowest level of access to drinkable water. It has one of the worst records in terms of transport infrastructure. It also tops the charts globally in terms of deforestation and the monopolisation of land and raw materials.

The Carmignac Photojournalism Award aims to support a journalistic and photographic project which will document these complex realities, but also address the grounds for hope for the 90 million inhabitants of the DRC, of which 60% are younger than 20 years old: education and public health initiatives; conservation initiatives for wildlife; and the fight against trafficking, corruption and the control of a few individuals and multinationals over mining exploitation.


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